Florida Regional Updates – Final

The Florida Regional kicks off from Jacksonville Game Center with 173 players battling it out over eight rounds of Swiss.  Also, you can watch live streaming courtesy of Next Level Z on their site.  The field breaks down as follows:

Black – 56

Blue – 35

Namekian – 30

Orange – 22

Red – 22

Saiyan – 8

After four rounds, the following deck types are undefeated:

Black Ginyu x2

Black Krillin x3

Blue Ginyu

Blue Wheelo

Orange Ginyu x2

Orange Goku

Namekian Piccolo

Stay tuned to see if any of these can finish with a perfect record after four more rounds!


Top 16 players and Mastery/MP combos

Black Krillin x4

Blue Ginyu x4

Orange Ginyu x3

Black Ginyu x2

Namekian Piccolo x2

Red Garlic

The top 16 players, in no particular order, are:

Garrett Creamer

Ben Collier

Kurt Spiess

Eddie Butler

Jordan Markle

Stephen Poindexter

Brett Watson

Chad Scott

Wes Bennett

Tony Hevia

James Mayer

Richard Sphar

Markus Brown

Elmer Walter

Shaun Hindman

Keith Hessenauer


The Top 8 consists of the following match-ups:

Garrett Creamer (Black Krillin) vs. Tony Hevia (Orange Ginyu)

Kurt Spiess (Namekian Piccolo) vs. Keith Hessenauer (Namekian Piccolo)

Jordan Markle (Black Krillin) vs. Stephen Poindexter (Black Ginyu)

Brett Watson (Blue Ginyu) vs. Richard Sphar (Red Garlic)


The final four players vying for two World Championship invites are:

Tony Hevia (Orange Ginyu) vs. Kurt Spiess (Namekian Piccolo)

Jordan Markle (Black Krillin) vs. Brett Watson (Blue Ginyu)


Kurt Spiess (Namekian Piccolo) and Brett Watson (Blue Ginyu) both qualify for Worlds and are playing to see who will win the 2015 Florida Regional.


Brett Watson pilots Blue Ginyu to victory with a 2-0 finish!