Perfection Previews: No Style, No Problem

Perfection previews resume with four more Freestyle goodies, check them out below!

First, we’d like to give a huge nod of acknowledgement to everyone that participated in the numerous ARG events last weekend. The results are still piling in, but there seems to have been an enormous amount of diversity. Aside from the established top tier decks, we also saw events taken down by Lord Slug DBV, Namekian Restored Nail, Blue Protective Android 20, Red Ruthless Vegeta, and several top finishes by Red Ruthless Turles. The Evolution metagame is finding its way, but in three weeks Perfection will send another shockwave!


Heroic Jab is another multifaceted Freestyle card that most decks will want to consider. In the majority of matches, you’ll have the opportunity to play the card as defense against an MP or Ally attack Power. When used as an attack, it acts as both board control and a combo enabler. You can remove something hiding behind Orange Focusing Drill or even get rid of a Dragon Ball before its captured…a versatile card!


Remember Aura Clash? It’s back. In pog form. I mean, in card form.

Aura Clash was a marquee card in the DBZ CCG, where it was primarily utilized to force an opponent off of a strong MP Level. Clash of Wills allows for the same tactic, but the modern environment has far more decks that intend to level up on their own. Raising your opponent to an advantageous Power can always be timed to minimize its value, and the anger raise effect allows for potential combo interactions to block your opponent from leveling. Certain MPs can add Clash of Wills to reach a critical mass of leveling effects, creating a new class of turbo builds (usually oriented around game ending Level 4 Powers).


The Aggressive Sword Drill engine is glued together by Dashing Sword Attack. In combination with a handful of Styled/Named “Sword” cards, both the Drill and this attack should have plenty of targets. It can be a strong card to search out and lead with, as it swings tempo a bit with guaranteed stage loss and anti-anger. The HIT effect generates enough of an advantage to fish out blocks, which can help sequence the rest of the turn more clearly. If it hits, you practically have an invitation to bring the pain.


First there was Crushing Beam. Then, Optic Blast. Now, Villainous Energy Beam joins their revered company as another Freestyle energy attack that is dripping with value. Rock solid damage (all banished), a touch of Endurance, and the massive “Good Advice” sized anti-anger. A powerful tool for sure, but several options against non-Styled cards continue to emerge. Good luck finding space!

That’s all for now, and be sure to check back on Friday for the unveiling of Yamcha. Tomorrow, @PaniniDBZ will also be previewing Vicious Strike on Twitter – until then!

Dragon Ball Z: Perfection releases on February 26th. 



9 thoughts on “Perfection Previews: No Style, No Problem

  1. With a title like this I expected a freestyle mastery haha, but these cards are getting good! Loving the idea of adding sword cards to my saiyan trunks!


  2. When you say that Heroic Jab can “answer an ally”, what do you mean? I thought that Allies were considered “personalities” and therefore could not be interacted with Heroic Jab on it’s Hit effect


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  4. But then again, anything that shuffles instead of discarding or removing just further increases Namekian anger when facing them… It’s why cards like Black Declaration don’t see use.


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