Perfection Previews: Yamcha’s Time to Shine!

With only two weeks remaining until Perfection’s February 26th launch, we’ll continue to peel back the curtain on the remaining card-pool. As usual, Friday means a new MP reveal! Find out about Yamcha below:

Yamcha is an aggressive energy beatdown MP. His Powers promote a constant stream of pokes, while his Named cards provide robust defensive options that buy time to reload.


Yamcha – Sleeping is a bit of a pest. A free energy attack for 2 life cards will add up over time, and it is easily modified to 3+ life cards with Black Devious or Orange Adaptive. The HIT effect is especially relevant against several emerging archetypes, and it harshly punishes any suicide aggro builds. Yamcha decks are at their best while sitting in combat, as his anti-anger can completely flummox combat sequencing for many MPs.


Yamcha’s Level 2 provides more fuel for energy attacks in the form of stage reduction – even reducing the cost of some attacks to 0! When entering combat, you’ll also have the ability to search out a Styled energy attack from the discard pile (while continuing to jab at the opponent’s anger total). MPs with “build-around” Level 2s are always worth considering with Blue Dominance…


Yamcha – Surprised rewards advancing to Level 3 by netting you a card. You can keep up the pressure by throwing more reduced energy attacks, which also cannot be prevented. This includes non-Styled attacks – don’t get hit by True Power! Yamcha can also activate to draw a card, with an even more annoying -2 anger effect.


If you manage to reach Level 4, you should have no trouble launching every energy attack in your hand for free, at +3 life cards! His Power also throws a free 7 life card attack to push through the bit of damage.


Yamcha’s Rescue is a clear nod to the DBZ CCG’s “Yamcha’s Skillful Defense,” but with significant upgrades. When played from the hand, it is still an “un-Sphereable” dual block. However, instead of banishing after use it shuffles into your Life Deck! Yamcha decks tend to run a high attack count, so the recursive effect of this card is doubly useful.

If you shuffle it back when you’re really on the ropes, it can also save you from a bad combat when used as Endurance! This unique effect allows Yamcha to employ a novel “hit and run” strategy, as he can unload a hand of attacks and still escape relatively unscathed.


Yamcha’s Expert Assistance is somewhat reminiscent of Yamcha’s Good Wishes, though again with massive improvements. First and foremost, this is another effect that saves you from a nightmare turn. Between this and the Endurance effect of Yamcha’s Skillful Defense, Yamcha has an unprecedented game-plan against decks that look for one big turn of mauling. At the same time, the effect allows for more hit and run shenanigans. Defensively, you’ll toss in a potshot before passing to end combat. On a more aggressive turn, the drawn card can help you pump more damage as you unleash back-to-back attacks. Leading with multiple HIT effects before your opponent makes an action can be devastating, especially if your Level 2 Power found a tech card.

Please look forward to utilizing Yamcha when Dragon Ball Z: Perfection hits store shelves on February 26th! Until then, check the @PaniniDBZ twitter for bonus spoilers on Saturday and Wednesday. We’ll show four more Freestyle cards here on Tuesday, as well as the final reveal of Android 16 next Friday.

Perfection awaits!

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  2. I was not very impressed with Master Roshi, but I am thrilled about Yamcha. I think he MIGHT even be better than cell!


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