Perfection Previews: Stay Free

We’re in the final week of Perfection MP reveals, and only a few cards remain to be seen! In honor of Android 16’s Friday reveal, this week’s Freestyle package includes two Android-titled cards:051Z_10051_zvcxzvxcvz593F0_E_PC_E_CCG

Any card with “Android” in the title is immediately worth considering for a deck with cards like Android Presence or Android 18’s Toss, but this card is playable even independent of that.  A freestyle physical with direct life card damage and a dash of flexible anger control should be appealing in several Styles – especially those that have trouble generating crits.


More fuel for Android Presence or Android 19’s Energy Absorption, as well as a reasonable vanilla base of 5 life cards/1 anger/1 Endurance. The HIT effect is especially punishing in some of the more common matchups, and it has both offensive and defensive applications.


More love to the underdogs, this time in the form of some offensive power. Note that this also has the Heroes only restriction, so it isn’t available to Captain Ginyu (unlike Playful Punch). 4 stages to net -2 anger over two actions is a reasonable value proposition, but this card shines with damage modifiers and cost reduction.


It’s a good time to be a Trunks fan. Trunks already has the widest array of viable MP stack combinations, and he will soon gain the ability to anchor a Sword deck in five different Styles. With Trunks’ Slam, he gains yet another tool that informs the direction of your entire deck.

Its most obvious application is with Blue Protective Mastery, though it is useful in practically everything. At the very least, it is a Named and Styled AT +3 that raises your anger 1. In a more defensive build, it is likely to be a consistent combat ender. For something more midrange (such as Black Perceptive Trunks), it would also have the option of acting as a “super skip” to sequence attacks. The options of Trunks continue to expand…

4 thoughts on “Perfection Previews: Stay Free

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  2. How come Orange has gotten nothing but sub par energy attack cards for multiple sets in a row now? Every other color has gotten significantly better cards than orange has… Most of this set has been revealed already and it looks like this set is shaping up to be the exact same thing…. VERY DISAPPOINTED


    • you havent seen the entire set yet. you are jumping to conclusions. this set is just amazing up to now. i would understand your concern after the full set reveal.


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