Perfection Previews: Technological Terror

Hi folks! Android 16 is our last reveal for Perfection, but be sure to check back on Tuesday for the final preview images, foil pattern, and more! Dragon Ball Z: Perfection will be on store shelves February 26th.


Android 16’s ability to play both “Heroes Only’ and “Villains Only” cards is perhaps the most unique effect in the game. Immediately, one must consider the optimal amount of Energy Spheres and Confrontation/Stare Downs to run. Beyond that, Android 16 can use nearly every card in the game (and even benefits from “Android” synergy). Villainous Energy Beam side by side with Crushing Beam. Heroic Plan used to search out Villainous Visage. The combos go on from there – and his overall usefulness is defined by his access to a dual-Alignment pool of cards.

Though #16 relies primarily on an impressive array of individual cards, his somewhat symmetrical Powers are still supplemental to his game-plan. On Level 1, each player will be taxed one Life Card whenever he or she declines to declare combat. Against many control decks, this Power can nail key cards as your opponent continues to pass. Similarly, decks with less attacks won’t see much benefit from the +1 life card modifier. On the flip side, Android 16 can either run lots of attacks (and maximize the modifier’s benefit) – or run a more midrange or control build (and seek to minimize the modifier’s boost to opposing attacks).


Android 16 – Distracted upgrades the modifier, as it only applies to your attacks. However, now both players gain extra Endurance. Taking this effect into account will impact your own deck strategy – as well as inform the direction you should take to counteract any potential benefits for your opponent. His Power will consistently draw a card, while choosing from any number of appealing targets to recur. Similar to Piccolo Level 2, effects that place a card on top of your deck will pair naturally with this Power.


On Android 16 – Enraged, both the modifier and Endurance boost will apply only to you. Extra damage and extra Endurance means that this Level loves being in combat as much as possible. When entering combat, 16 consistently finds Stare Down/Confrontation for a solid combat lead, or has access to some tech Setup options in a more defensive build.


Decks that manage to reach Level 4 are rewarded with a sizable +2 life modifier, as well as an effective victory condition. Constantly banishing cards from your opponents Life Deck while Rejuvenating can be tricky for any opponent to overcome, just watch out for MPPV.


Android 16’s Tranquility forces an opponent into combat, and its timing allows you to wait until after any Setups, Drills, Allies, or Dragon Balls are played. Whenever this card is out, decks with multiple Planning Step cards will have to tread carefully. As dazzling as this card is, 16 decks that are less combat-oriented are unlikely to run this effect. His versatility truly allows for almost any kind of play-style!


To fire off your robot hand, you’ll have to banish a card from your actual hand.

This card will be a powerful tool regardless of which direction you take your build. It will always serve as a two card trade for an AT life card attack and a search effect – with the upside of potentially staying in play to generate card advantage and more damage.



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