7 DBs, 7 Tidbits: Win a Box!

Hello everyone! Check out the latest in Z news below:
1. Thanks to everyone for participating in last weekend’s Launch Events, we hope they were a blast!

2. The ARG circuit continues to provide off-season action, and you can find the full schedule here. As noted in the CRD, new releases in the DBZ TCG are eligible for tournament play one week after release. Starting this Saturday, Perfection is sure to make a splash on the ARG meta! Next up: Richmond (March 5th) and Detroit (March 19th).

3. Concept of the moment: Endurance is even better than you think. When evaluating the overall usefulness of a card, don’t underestimate just how much value is added by Endurance. Though an increasing amount of decks seek to prey on prevention, Endurance is still worth its weight in gold. During your next few matches, consider how many times you draw a card (and play it) vs. how many times it is discarded as damage (or not effective when played).

4. A frequently asked question from Perfection: When can Master Roshi Level 1 be activated?

Roshi’s Defense Power can only be activated against an attack, and you must have a Setup or Drill to in your hand to activate it. You would not be able to activate the Defense Power simply to gain 2 anger.

The CRD will be updated to Perfection in the near future.

5. Card on the rise: Defiant Challenge. It has obvious synergy with Master Roshi, but many other MPs are beginning to leverage this powerful UR from Evolution. Frieza combo decks were already running it, but the addition of Overwhelming Power has added further legitimacy to the archetype as a whole. Android 18’s influence is steadily increasing (Tag Team anyone?!), and Defiant Challenge combines with Android 18’s Toss to form a ruthlessly efficient search package.

6. You may have noticed a poster for Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance in your Launch Kit. We’re still quite a while out from releasing any info, but Broly looms large!

7. Which Perfection MP have you been playing the most? Sound off in the comment section below, and your name will be entered to win a box of Perfection (one comment per person). The winner will be announced on Friday – post soon!

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  1. Put together a Enraged Saiyan Cell deck that I felt great about until I played my friends Black Devious Yamcha…He destroyed me..


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