Tuesday Tidbits: Worldwide Yamcha

Hi folks! Check out Tuesday’s Tidbits below:

1 – Utilizing Yamcha

Yamcha has seen early success in several tournaments, and he has synergy with most of his eligible Masteries. In Red Enraged decks, Yamcha can combo into massive amounts of card advantage when leveling from 2 to 3. Blue Protective also works well with Yamcha, as his Power combines with the Mastery to form a strong defensive net. Blue Dominance has natural synergy with Yamcha’s Level 2, and Blue has the added option of pulling Blue Arm Blast for more defense.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

No longer the most popular card depicting Yamcha?

In Black, Yamcha can play both aggro or control – with either Mastery! Choosing which Mastery to use requires a combination of both your own deck goals and what you predict to see in the meta. If you expect to play against more control, Perceptive is always a strong choice. In a more aggro field (or in a more aggressive build), Devious might be more attractive. Finally, Orange Adaptive Yamcha is another flexible deck, with builds that can range from extreme energy beats to less combat oriented mid-range/control.

2 – In Vengeance news, the community has crafted some interesting theories based on Friday’s spoiler hints. Three more, with one being true:


Trunks and Gohan are MPs in Vengeance
  • Broly will have a special method of distribution
  • Yajirobe and Android 13 are MPs in Vengeance

3 – The demand for Organized Play info has been heard clearly, and we are certainly sensitive to the fact that players need time in advance to plan for travel. Big things are in motion for Season 2, and we’ll lift the curtain. . .Soon (TM).

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits: Worldwide Yamcha

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  2. You’re going to make Broly a box-topper, aren’t ya. I really, really, really don’t like that…/sigh…I’ll buy 4 Boxes and hope the Dragon Rare’s are his levels and URs I guess.


  3. I will continue with my all being true/partially true hypothesis.

    1. Gohan will be an MP. IF Trunks is reintroduced, I am guessing as an alt-art.
    2. Broly is a popular MP, so special distribution for such a highly respected Saiyan is believable.
    3. Yajirobe and A13 will be in the set.


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