Four for Friday – What’s in a Name?

Let’s wrap up the week with a look at some of the top Named card-pools in the game!

When holistically evaluating an MP for a given strategy, Named cards often carry a lot of weight. Though not as reliably accessible as your MP Powers or Mastery, they serve to differentiate and specialize characters in a way that can inform the entire direction of a deck. Named cards can fill in for the weak spots of a Style, like [REDACTED] from Vengeance bringing a strong removal package to Saiyan. Alternatively, they can provide extra fuel for a specific tactic – such as Goku’s Kaio-Ken combining with cards like Orange Devouring Drill and Clash of Wills. In no particular order, let’s examine four of the more notable Named pools in the game:

1) Raditz

Raditz is one of the few characters with a Named block, and Raditz’s Offensive Guard provides extra utility through its attack mode. Meanwhile, Radtiz’s Dirty Tactics is one of the more disruptive cards in the game, and can often give the edge against other control decks. Even against aggressive decks, you’ll be able to see an opponent’s hand and nuke Visiting the Past.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Black Smoothness Drill’s worst nightmare 

Ranking: Master of Control

2) Master Roshi

Master Roshi’s Back Strike is arguably the best Named card in the game, and its synergy with Defiant Challenge can lead to some potent combinations. To further augment his card selection, Master Roshi’s Slumber enables more combo opportunities – while also holding off your opponent as a defense.


Yamcha has taken beatings in a variety of outfits

Ranking: Combo Kook

3) Tenshinhan

Tien boasts three named cards, all of them self-damaging in some way. Tenshinhan’s Preparation and Tenshinhan’s Tri-Beam both provide an anger swing and symmetrical milling, with Preparation enabling longer strings and Tri-beam pumping more damage. Tenshinhan’s Draining Blast is not seen as often, however:

  • Worst case: No modifiers, no targets to Rejuvenate, attack is stopped: Net – 3 Life Cards
  • Common case: +1 modifier, Rejuvenate a useful card, attack is stopped: Net – 2 Life Cards
Upside: +1 modifier, Rejuvenate Preparation, attack hits: Net +4 Life Cards, draw a card

The last scenario is not difficult to achieve, and his Level 1 Power can always pull a Draining Blast on demand.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

More cards in more places

Ranking: Tempo King

4) Cell

Cell is the third character on this list with a “Limit 2 per deck” card, and Cell’s Draining Attack is perhaps the most potent of the group. In combination with Cell’s Level 2 searching Power and Level 3’s attack, Draining Attack can lead to Cell reaching Level 4 in short order. At the same time, Cell’s Style grants access to all of the Named attacks on this list (and many other juicy targets such as Krillin’s Destructo Disk or Broly’s [REDACTED]).


Cell approves of running powerful Named cards

Ranking: Level Lord

Several other characters have popular Named packages at the moment, including Android 18, Yamcha, and Android 20. We’ll close this week with a question:

Which MP’s Named cards do you enjoy the most, and why?

11 thoughts on “Four for Friday – What’s in a Name?

  1. I personally like Android 18’s named cards. She is really the only Personality (outside of perfection’s MP’s) were I love both of her named cards. Energy toss is a super tuter and Arm Breaker is a great attack that could also end a bad combat. I just Like 18 in general as she is one of my favorite MP’s to run right now.


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  3. Nail’s named cards are pretty great, but overall, I have to go with Tien for the best named cards.


  4. I love Vegeta’s named cards, tbh. Galick Gun can be downright devastating and Destruction Blast can really lock things up if you’re throwing an energy beats slanted deck. Vegeta’s Anger is really only decent in Saiyan, but has a place in certain builds, too.


  5. Turles. Not the most powerful, but for whatever reason it’s so satisfying to eat the fruit and jump a level without also jumping your opponent.


  6. I like almost all of the named cards.
    So instead of answering your question, I’ll pose to you my takes on named cards that got it ‘wrong’ instead, as the list is short ^_^.

    Nail’s Heritage: This card has too many limitations. Just releasing one of them would have been great! If it didn’t care about if the attack was Styled, that would be good. If it shuffled back in as an action instead of Rejuvenating, that would be good. The best change, however, would have been to make it an Energy Combat card instead of an Event. Keep the other limitations, just let it be fetched with Namekian Overtime and not be blown out by Spheres.

    Vegeta’s Destruction Blast: This card gets a lot right with it’s unique take on how it’s being performed. It is a Villain Vegeta, or a Hero Vegeta matters for HIT effects. What it gets wrong is that neither Vegeta MP Stack currently cares about HIT effects, and both care about intrinsic properties of attacks. Villain Vegeta wants his attacks to gain Anger, while Hero Vegeta wants attacks to be Styled.
    Both of those properties could be on the card and it would play differently for Vegeta, even without calling them out specifically on the card.


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