Tuesday Tidbits

In today’s tidbits: Perfection rulings, Vengeance teasers, and more Organized Play promos!  Check it out below:

1. Some recent scenarios from the DBZ TCG Wiki:

If you use an effect to simultaneously (place into) play Drills (e.g. Goku, Super Saiyan, Orange Clearing Blast), you are still not allowed to choose multiple copies of the same Styled Drill, correct?

Correct. You may never attempt to play or place into play a Styled Drill that matches the name of a Drill you already control. When searching multiple Drills at once, you still would not be able to attempt to choose multiple copies of the same Drill.

If you use Orange Escape to play Orange Crashing Drill, does Crashing Drill’s destroy effect still resolve after Orange Escape ends combat?

No. Since Orange Escape plays the Drill “to end combat,” Orange Crashing Drill has not “entered play” yet and cannot interrupt the resolution of the sentence that ends combat.

If Android Defensive Blast hits, do Personality Powers that are attacks lose their immediate effects (e.g. Cell level 3)?

No. Personalities are never considered “attack cards.” Similarly, you would not be able to use Black Reflection to search for an Ally.

2. Vengeance is scheduled to release on July 1, so you can expect spoiler season to begin around June. In the seven weeks leading up to full previews, we’ll continue to offer a few teasers:

  • There are four Hero characters and three Villain characters that will have Main Personality cards in Vengeance
  • There are eight Allies in Vengeance
  • This set’s Dragon Rare, designed by World Champion Tim Batow, will drop at a rate of 1:3 boxes. It contains the text “(Unless your MP is Goku, limit 1 per deck.)”

Unlike past Vengeance hints, all of the above statements are true.


3. The following powerhouse cards will be released as promos throughout the upcoming season of Organized Play. Can you decipher them?



The password is PORUNGA. . .

18 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Conjecture:
    MP stacks:
    Cooler/Meta-Cooler, Android 13, and Broly.
    Hero Stacks: Hercule, Gohan, Krillin, (wild card)
    Allies: Cooler, Android 13, Android 14, Android 15, Broly, Raditz, Hercule, and Nail.
    The wild card could be Goku, Android 18 (Hero), or Yajirobe.
    The best to choose out of those, based off tidbit teasing is Yajirobe.
    Android 18 (Hero) is more likely to drop in a later Starter set, along with Goku, but the presence of Broly, the fact that we don’t have a tactically generic Goku, and an Ultra Rare card that cares about Goku make him on the table for possibilities.


    • I feel like Yajirobe will be in this set. He had a part in the Cooler movies, Super Android 13 and the first Broly film. Here’s to hoping.


    • Read a little more closely, it doesn’t say we’ll get 7 new MP stacks. It says 7 MPs will have cards in the set. So it would be more likely:
      MP stacks:

      Extra MP levels:
      Gohan lvl 1
      Villain Veg lvl 1
      Frieza lvl 1

      Basically, giving random levels to flesh out old personalities, particularly these three that have struggled since day 1.


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    • I do like the game alot but the release of this set is way to soon especially with no regionals happening anytime soon. buying perfection seems like a waste. Hopefully after this set we will get some dates for regionals


      • I disagree. First of all, there are the ARG championships scheduled for the last weekend of July. So Vengeance will be released just in time for players to learn the new set within a month. Don’t forget that the Top 4 players from ARG championships get an invite to the Panini World Championships! Thats awesome! I also disagree with your claim of “Perfection,” being a waste of a set. Just because there are no regionals when Perfection was released doesn’t make a set useless. Every set gives us a new opportunity to experience new tactics with the vast amount of deck customizations each set provides. That is what I call, FUN! Not to mention, we have extra time to learn the sets and master them when they are released in off season. Don’t know about you! But I need all the time we can get to master a set! Life gets us all busy so any extra time helps.


  3. What hints the past few are true about Set 6?

    This is how I see the MP/Allies turning out:


    Super Android 13
    Future Gohan

    Broly as a Subset MP(Lv 1-4 and Alt art Lv 1) and subset cards like MP attacks, 1x card for each style, and a hero/Villian only card with a Paragus ally.

    Alt Lv 1 Frieza (hopefully with an attack or block power)
    Alt Lv 1 or 4 Goku(search for a drill, setup, or ally from anywhere)
    Alt Lv 1 Trunks (Sword Focused)


    Future Gohan
    Android 13
    King Vegeta


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