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See the latest Vengeance teasers below!

1 – On Friday, it was revealed that Vengeance will feature individual MP Levels for legacy Hero MPs. Aside from Gohan and Trunks, the next set will also contain Krillin – Quick (Level 2) and Master Roshi – Restrained (Level 1). Krillin’s Level 2 incentivizes a more aggressive approach, while Master Roshi’s effe


.`-=loading hacking tools=-‘.



2 – DATA FILE #DBZ.VENGEANCE.SSA4185 – Codename “Legendary”

MODEL UNIT  “#13” – rough.rednecktumblr_naud5wtjae1qj5jqso1_500.gif

  • Likes: Humiliating beatdowns, vicious assaults, terrifying damage, Androids, kimchi
  • Dislikes: Fancy discard pile removal, fancy Ally removal, fancy haircuts
  • Playstyle: Skip it


MODEL UNIT “#HYBRID” – cold.drinks

  • Likes: Big Gete Star, Rejuvenating, control matchups
  • Dislikes: Level 4s, anti-Namekian decks, his family 

  • Playstyle: Rainbow Diet Dragon Clan


MODEL UNIT “#SSJ” – big.daddy


  • Likes: KILL
  • Dislikes: KAKAROT
  • Playstyle: KILL KAKAROT




3 – In community news, 2015 World Champion Tim Batow will be hosting a side event on Friday at Gen-Con. Find out more about the DBZ TCG x DBZ CCG format here. Note: this third party event is independently run and would be separate from any potential events or planned events on the part of Panini America at Gen-Con.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits – loading.hacking.tools

  1. Yes I love how you guys do the “hacking” spoilers! So interesting!!! I’m a correct in thinking Cooler might be able to use namekian Style? Or rainbow means he brings a namekian like Rejuvantion to the colored styles?


  2. Thanks for cutting off Master Roshi’s hint at what his new level 1 does just to show me the 3 villains that everyone knew where in the set. lol


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  4. i cant wait for this set to come out! gohan was in desperate need of new levels. but at the same time, i dont think krillin and master roshi needed new levels. roshi hasnt been around that long, and krillin problem is the promo level 1 not gaining anger to jump a level. i would rather enjoyed brand new hero MP’s to come out to add deck choices.


  5. So, both Cooler will be one personality, even though he’s technically two separate characters in the movies? Hm…


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