Tuesday Tidbits – Mill Promos!

Click below for info on tournament kit promos, Vengeance teasers, and more!

1. Tournament Kit rotation 

The next wave of weekly event kits will contain Orange Crashing Drill (x20, Participation) and Blue Slash (x2, Top Players). Be on the lookout for these new promos!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Wow Goku, you look kind of cool! 


2. Glancing at a recent T8

Lancaster $1K

  • Black Devious Krillin*
  • Black Devious Krillin
  • Black Devious Tien
  • Black Perceptive Trunks
  • Blue Protective Raditz
  • Blue Tag Team Ginyu
  • Orange Adaptive Yamcha
  • Red Enraged Garlic

3. Obligatory Vengeance tease

  • A Level 1 MP in Vengeance contains the text “Players cannot use a Setup as their first action in combat.”
  • A Villain Ally in Vengeance has the ability to enter play after being discarded from your hand during combat.
  • There are over ten cards in Vengeance with “Android” in the title, including several Styled cards.
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.11.46 PM.png

“Nine? Ten? A big fat hen.”


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  2. Blue Slash looks amazing. I’m sensing a lot of Trunks love from the Panini Devs. I kind of wish the MRPs weren’t participation promos but I get it.


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