Tuesday Tidbits – Vendetta

Check below for the latest tidbits, including more Vengeance info! 

1. Regionals Reminder

The May 13th deadline for Regional applications is rapidly approaching – be sure to spread the word to tournament organizers and stores in your area. Submit your application early and avoid a cursed Friday the 13th!

2. Vengeance Info Intensifies

  • Broly’s MP Powers generate an action on both Level 1 and 2.
  • And 3.
  • Also 4.
  • “I wasn’t able to remove my opponent’s Turtle and it crushed me the entire game.”
  • One of the set’s Ultra Rare cards is a dynamic physical attack with a symmetrically disruptive effect. We’ll be revealing the URs earlier than usual, so watch out for Surprise Attack.


3. Archetype on the rise: Ruthless Control 

Red Ruthless Mastery has made its way into metagame, but usually in the form of suicide beatdown. Mid-range and control can’t get much mileage out of the Mastery’s modifier, but they make up for it by recurring stronger effects. Above all else, slower builds benefit greatly from the Mastery’s ability to add a card back to the Life Deck each combat.



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  2. Loving the hints being dropped on broly. But would like to know what’s going on with the level ones. What can we expect?


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