Prepare for Liftoff!

We’re on the cusp of launching several things in the DBZ TCG – buckle up and find out more below!

1. Regional Application Deadline 

The deadline to apply as a host for Regionals is just one week away. Make sure to direct any interested parties to the required info, and look forward to the release of a full schedule later this month!

2. Strength in numbers 

The Allies appearing in Vengeance  have been revealed, and several of the Allies in this set will have significant impact on the metagame. See if you can guess which personalties will have the following effects when Vengeance drops on July 1st!

  • Constant Power: Effects that end combat cannot be used.
  • (If this card is discarded from your hand during combat, you may place it into play at 3 power stages above 0).
  • Constant Power: Players cannot use effects that would advance an MP 1 or more levels.
Meta copy

How will the current metagame adapt to the upcoming wave of Allies?

3. Deck on the grow: Red Enraged Roshi 

Master Roshi is an established force in multiple Styles, but recently more players have gravitated towards paring him with Red Enraged Mastery. Roshi’s ability to constantly find key cards can allow for explosive MPPV turns, but the deck is also capable of shifting to defense and aiming for Dragon Ball Victory. With Red’s plethora of Crits, the synergies with DBV allow for a great deal of flexibility.


Now playing in a top cut near you

4. Vengeance Preview Schedule: 

Spoiler season will begin on June 3rd, and we’ll kick things off with a full MP reveal right here on the blog. Vote below for which MP you’d like to see previewed first!

(This poll will close in 1 week.)

10 thoughts on “Prepare for Liftoff!

  1. I have one humble request.
    For the love of Kami, have some kind of event at Origins this year.


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  3. lol why is blue herogeta in the picture? might as well put gohan with any mastery up there. they both yield the same out come, bodied. cant wait to see glad to see cooler’s super nova 🙂


  4. Total stab at the ally question:

    1st: either Broly or 13. I would’ve just said Broly, but 13’s hacking description a few weeks ago makes him seem like possibility.
    2nd: either 14 or 15. I’d air with 15 since he’s smaller, and that seems like an effect a small character would get.
    3rd: feel like Icarus. I figure one of these 3 is a hero, which leaves Icarus since he’s the only hero of the 8. Also figure such an effect is most directly to combat Cell’s raising, and a hero ally wouldn’t be viable to be killed by Cell’s Draining. Of course, the nearly always instant critical level 3 power can kill any ally anyway, so whatever ally this is might not be that useful against him anyway, unless it also includes the phrase ‘you can’t use effects that lower an MP 1 or more levels’.


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