Tuesday Tidbits – Last Call for Regionals!

Tuesday can mean only two things: tacos and tidbits. Click below for the latter!

1. Final Reminder for Regionals

The deadline to apply as a host for Regionals is this Friday – May 13th. Details about the submission process can be found here. If you know of a capable store or tournament organizer in your area, make sure to spread the word!



2. Card of the moment: Blue Slide

In the current environment, most beatdown decks should be packing some form of discard pile removal. Blue Slide offers a limited amount of disruption, but it keeps pace with a sizable AT +3 life cards of damage. It’s HIT effect also has tremendous upside, as it shuts down common cards like Cell’s Draining Attack, Sinister Choke, and Crushing Beam. This card can lead to some stiff sequencing, but its flexibility allows it to always generate value.


Even without a high AT value, the life card damage is worthwhile. 

3. Vengeance Polling 2016 

There’s still time to vote on Friday’s poll to determine the order of MP breakdowns. The Heroes and Instant Transmission jumped out to an early lead, but Broly has smashed his way into the top spot. If your vote is still up for grabs, food for thought:

  • Icarus will also be revealed with the Hero MPs
  • Some of Broly’s Powers have the ability to banish cards from the top of your opponent’s Life Deck
  • Android 13’s S.S Deadly Bomber includes the text “HIT: Damage from your attacks cannot be prevented this combat.”
  • Both of Cooler’s Named cards can be Rejuvenated by unconventional means

Android 14 and 15 bring some exciting new utility for all “Android” MPs, and they have a special interaction with Android 13. 


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