Four for Friday – Decision 2016

Vengeance poll results, tournament news, and more – click below!

1. Organized Play on the Horizon 

Today is the last chance to submit applications for Regionals, and there are already some exciting venues in play for Season 2! A full announcement of dates, locations, and prizes will be posted in the near future, and you can expect a pre-Regionals CRD update around the end of May. If you’re interested in volunteering as a floor judge for upcoming Organized Play events, keep your eyes on the blog for more information in the coming weeks.

2. Vengeance Ultra Rares

We’ve traditionally revealed each set’s Ultra Rare cards in the final week of previews. However, Vengeance URs will be unveiled sooner rather than later! Surprise Attack has already been noted as a disruptive physical attack, while Unleashed is an Event that rewards attached cards. Which one would you like to see first?


3. Tournaments Abound

ARG is hosting over thirty “State Championship” events this weekend, and you can find your nearest location here. Meanwhile, the  ARG Circuit Series (with a chance at a Worlds invite) is also making a stop in Charlottesville, NC on the 15th. On top of that, the fan-hosted North Kai Championship is taking place on the 14th in Illinois. Sharpen your skills for the upcoming season of Organized Play by attending these events!

4. Vengeance Poll Results

In a photo finish, Broly edged out the Hero MPs to stake his claim as the first MP reveal on June 3rd. The margins stayed unbelievably close up until the final hour – thanks to everyone for your passionate participation!  *In the event of a hand recount, any hanging chads will be tallied for Mr. Popo. 


Don’t vote against me or my son ever again 



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  2. I don’t mind knowing Broly’s first; might not be that interesting; so get it out of the way.
    I definitely want to know about Unleashed first. I want the suspense to build up for Surprise Attack. 😛


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