Four for Friday – Vengeance Foil Pattern!

 Click below for a glimpse at Vengeance’s new foil pattern!

1. Regional Announcements Soon

Regionals are scheduled to begin on June 18th, and we’ll be posting the dates, locations, and prizes as soon as possible. The CRD will be posted before the end of May, so prepare yourself to incorporate any updates!

2. Vengeance Hints

  • Fans of Villainous Empowerment should look forward to Singing Drill, which contains the text “(This card is considered Styled.)”
  • Saiyan Trap contains the text “(After your opponent gains stages during combat, you may banish this card from your hand to destroy the top 5 cards of your opponent’s Life Deck.)”
Several Styled attacks have the ability to banish targeted cards from your opponent’s discard pile.

3. Action Reaction

It’s difficult to quantify the value of an MP that doesn’t generate an action. A recent character that suffers from this is Android 16.


A common perception, however…

With all hands being equal, Android 16 Level 1 would be objectively disadvantaged against an MP with an attack. However, this should never be the case. 16’s true strength comes from the hand, where he combines a critical mass of Confrontation/Stare Down with Android 16’s Tranquility and a robust attack package of Android Attack Drill/Android 16’s Rocket Punch/Crushing Beam.

His Level 2 augments his strengths and shines in a longer game, but still nets no raw card advantage. When the matchup lends itself to you being the aggressor, being stuck on Level 1 the entire match has very little comparative downside. In many scenarios, 16 having a “blank” power the entire game can be outweighed by his above average card quality.

4. Foil preview

Hot off the presses, a glimpse at Vengeance’s foil pattern:


It looks great on everything, but wait until you get a load of Surprise Attack…

3 thoughts on “Four for Friday – Vengeance Foil Pattern!

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  2. Ok, Panini.
    Let’s have a talk about Android 16.
    I like 16, but I don’t play with him.
    Your justification on the card quality side just doesn’t hold up, but I’ll explain my reasons for saying so.
    I don’t want to be a harsh critic, honest.

    Android 16 is actually in a good, forward thinking place.
    I don’t think he was designed poorly at all.
    His value will potentially grow with his future card selection, especially if Freestyle Mastery becomes a thing.
    His issues are parity and actions, which the current meta is not helping him with.

    It can be difficult to judge actions versus non-actions, but they matter on a fundamental level when passing consecutively results in an end Combat state.
    I like his level 2 far more than his level 1 or 3, because I can use an action other than Pass (luckily his level 3 does have other card advantage sources built in, since Setups, Drills, or Allies found have the potential to enter play immediately).
    Considering he’s the only personality with a damage mod on all 4 levels, he really wants as many card in his deck that attack multiple times, like his Rocket Punch, but by making his damaged level 4 top out at 1,000,000, he can’t even use Pesky Barrage well to cover a deficit of multi attacks in the Styles he’s legal to play in. That play style is why I can understand him not having actual attacks on his levels, but he still needs actions that he is not currently getting from his ‘enhanced’ card pool.

    His Parity hurts him more than anything else.
    His level 1 includes no active advantage during play.
    It’s advantage is a theoretical.
    You know it’s there because you built the deck with Heroes and Villains only cards, but the early game is the worst time to observe those advantages, especially when your opponent is hitting you one card harder, resulting in those ‘better’ card going away faster.
    You then have to ‘break’ parity then, by including helpful cards, like Android 20, to help deny that Endurance you’re giving your opponent on level 2.
    That eats up card slots.
    More Confrontations eat up card slots.
    More Energy Spheres eat up card slots.
    If anyone needs attacks to stay in play to be used a second time, it’s Android 16.


    • You have alot of valid points. I do however feel that while he may not attack as often as other personalities his synergy’s with spheres make him very good at countering any event based blocks which most competitive decks rely on. I play 16 in tag team blue with 20 as the only ally. To shut off endurance from my lv2 for my opp and to crush the damage prevention of alot of roshi and android 20 decks. I do not think he is Tier 1 but with the right deck in the right meta he can shine.


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