DBZ TCG 2016 Organized Play Schedule

May 24, 2016 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – Panini America’s second season of Organized Play will begin on June 18th – featuring 16 Regionals, a Dragon Prix, the 2016 World Championship, exclusive promos, and $50,000 in cash prizes!

2016 Organized Play Schedule

6/18 Fargo, ND Paradox Games & Comics
6/25 Buffalo Grove, IL Nerd Rage Gaming – venue TBA
7/2 Salem, OR Wild Things Games
7/9 Selden, NY Brothers Grim Games and Collectibles
7/9 Austin, TX Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy
7/16 Charlottesville, VA The End Games
8/6 Indianapolis, IN Gen Con (details TBD)
8/20 Hollywood, FL Cool Stuff Games – Hollywood
8/27 Louisville, KY Comic Book World – venue TBA
9/3 Warren,  MI Eternal Games
9/10 San Gabriel, CA MTGDeals
9/17 Manchester, NH Granite State Comic Con
9/24 Pueblo, CO Chaos Games & More
10/1 Carrollton, GA Quest Comic Shop – venue TBA
10/8 Las Vegas Strip, NV A Gamer’s Paradise – venue TBA
10/15 Vacaville, CA Forgotten Path Games
10/22 Lenexa, KS Collector’s Cache
11/5 DRAGON PRIX – NEW ORLEANS Sword N Board – venue TBA

(Dallas, TX)

Panini America – venue TBA

(Dallas, TX)

11/13 World Championship Top Cut


There are sixteen Regionals on the schedule, and participants at each event will receive a copy of P8 Combination Drill, P4 Visiting the Past, and P5 Saiyan Pinpoint Blast.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


*Keep in mind the printed promo will still be banished after use.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Players that qualify for the Top Cut will receive play-sets (3x each) of P3 Orange Hiding Drill and P6 Namekian Gut Punch.



The finalists from each event will also receive an invite to Worlds.

Regardless of attendance, each Regional has a guaranteed purse of $2,000.

1st $1,000
2nd $500
3rd-4th $150
5th-8th $50

Other Ways to Qualify

  • Dragon Prix

The Dragon Prix is a new event tier, and you can expect more of them in the 2017 season. This year, Dragon Prix – New Orleans on November 5th will be one of the final opportunities to qualify for Worlds! Prizes for this event will include cash, promos, and Worlds invitations – check the blog for more details later in the season.

  • The Super Elite

“The Super Elite” will be a weekly ranking of the top ten players with the highest point totals of the current season. Aside from the bragging rights of making the inner circle, members of the Super Elite that have not qualified for Worlds may be eligible for a variable amount of Worlds invites and other various perks.

  • Gen Con

Slated for August 6th, the demand for Gen Con has outpaced space – as usual! Prizes (including Worlds invitations, exclusive promos, and more) and capped pre-registration info will be posted in the near future.

  • Australia Regionals

Players in the land down under will want to attend the TAK Games series of Regionals, as three Worlds invites will be on the line!

  • Worlds Open Qualifier

The Worlds Qualifier will take place on Friday, November 11th – the day before Worlds. This event will determine the final entrants into the World Championship, so the entire DBZ TCG nation should be there! The number of invites for this event is variable, be sure to check back later in the season for more details.

2016 Dragon Ball Z World Championship

The DBZ TCG World Championship will be a three day celebration of the game, with a wide range of offerings for both casual fans and competitive players. Players that have not qualified for Worlds will want to attend the Friday Qualifier, and will have the opportunity to participate in side events on Saturday as well. Will the next World Champion grind all the way from Friday to the end?!

The World Championship takes place on November 12th, 2016 in Dallas, TX. This event requires an invitation, and qualified players will receive three copies of the following “Worlds only” promos:

  • Namekian Targeted Strike
  • Red Double Strike
  • Orange Devouring Drill
  • Black Swirl
  • Blinding Energy Move

These promos will be released exclusively at Worlds – the only other method of distribution will be to a select amount of players with high attendance throughout the season (details TBA). Note: there are still many more prizes to be announced as we approach the date!

Worlds has something for everyone! This year, there are more reasons than ever to make your way out.

Worlds has a prize purse of $16,000.

1st $7,000
2nd $2,500
3rd-4th $1,250
5th-8th $500
9th-16th $250

Top Cut will take place on Sunday, November 13th. The top 8 players will be awarded trophies, and the victor will automatically qualify for the 2017 World Championship. Additionally, the World Champion earns the right to create a card for release in a future expansion.


The 2015 World Championship trophy. Will you claim it in 2016?

In addition to all of this, each event will also provide sealed product as prizes (contact your venue for specific details). Any player attending Organized Play events will need to be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD, available here. Players will also want to update their decks with cards from Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance, which is slated to release on July 1st.

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  2. Happy about the Austin Texas regional but seriously the worlds promos are absolute hot garbage.No i’ll dig your grave alt print foil? What’s with the half effort promos having the same artwork ie, combination drill,, quickness drill and crashing drill? Can we please get new alt print spheres differing in artwork?


  3. Yay! I’m excited!…Although, one of the World Promo’s should’ve been an Ultra Rare such as I’ll Dig Your Grave. :(… 2015 World Promo’s had 2 Ultra Rare’s as Alternate Art.


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  5. It’s be nice if there was an event in Memphis TN, Tupelo MS, or Huntsville AL. Southern states don’t get much love besides Texas and Florida.


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