Four for Friday – Holiday Weekend

Previews for Vengeance begin next week, and the CRD will be posted on Tuesday! Click below for more info:

1. Recently spotted around Panini HQ:

  • Launch Kit deck boxes
  • OP Promos



  • And a mystery card. What could this be?


2. Deck on the rise: Red Yamcha

While Adaptive Yamcha has cemented itself as a serious contender, Red Yamcha has flown a bit under the radar. Advancing to Level 3 in Red can often prove overwhelming, but the deck is capable of operating on any Level. This is one to watch out for, a dark horse in the upcoming month of Regionals. . .

3. Vengeance previews begin Friday 

This spoiler season, more fansites and podcasts than ever before will join in the rollout of new cards. You’ll also be able to find full breakdowns on the blog, with MPs on Fridays and select cards on Tuesdays.

Friday, June 3rd: Broly package, Paragus, BONUS: Sobering Hammer

Tuesday, June 7th : Surprise Attack (UR), Stomach Crusher, Android Arm Breaker, and more!

4. Organized Play Schedule 

2016’s Organized Play schedule has been unveiled, and it’s important to highlight the Worlds Open Qualifier. This year, every single player has a reason to attend Worlds. Qualified players will already be on site, while the player-base as a whole has the chance to compete for an invite on Friday. If you don’t make it into the Championship, you’ll be able to participate in side events on Saturday. Our goal is to make the entire event a celebration of the DBZ TCG community, so clear your calendars now!


7 thoughts on “Four for Friday – Holiday Weekend

    • Nope, the “drill” bar is black. I’m guessing it is the P1 Black a Smoothness Drill promo that was confirmed in the new CRD.


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  2. New foil pattern looking awesome, and I would bet that mystery promo drill is Blue Entertainment Drill. And deck boxes? What! Thats pretty legit!


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