Tuesday Tidbits: Awakening’s Inauguration

Upcoming OP info, a look at the preliminary Awakening metagame, and an announcement about Worlds Top Cut – find out more below!

1. The Grateful Eight

Only eight invitations to Worlds remain, and four of them are up for grabs this weekend at Dragon Prix: New Orleans! Save $5 by pre-registering here. After that, players without an invite will be able to compete in the Worlds Last Chance Qualifier on Friday, November 11th. For more information about Worlds weekend, see here.

Worlds Weekend Schedule Reminders

  • Friday, November 11th – 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship Open Qualifier (9.00 AM Registration, 10.00 AM start)
  • Saturday, November 12th (Invite Only) – 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship (Swiss) 10.00 AM
  • Saturday, November 12th – ARG $1K Side Event (9.00 AM AM Registration, 10.00 AM start)
  • Sunday, November 13th – 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship (Top Cut) 10.00 AM
  • Sunday, November 13th – ARG Fusion Format (9.00 AM Registration, 10.00 AM start)

The winner of Saturday’s ARG event will be awarded an invite to the 2017 DBZ TCG World Championship, and you can find out more about the ARG side events here.

Note: the Open Qualifier was originally scheduled to end after Swiss, with the Top 4 players advancing to Worlds. However, this event will now cut to Top 16 (with an entry cap of 150 players) and feature two rounds of single-elimination to determine the Top 4 invitees.

2. A Glance at Awakening

With the Frozen List in full effect, Awakening’s new Mastery cards are stepping into the spotlight – creating a double whammy of uncertainty in the new environment! Which established decks will be able to make a smooth transition in the post-Awakening metagame? Will highly touted new archetypes like Blue Resolute Goku and Saiyan Rampaging Gohan define the format in its early stages? Will MPPV and DBV see more representation as primary strategies? The answers to these questions will begin incubation at the Dragon Prix – and then on to Worlds! Though, the amount of creativity and diversity on display at Worlds may lead to more questions rather than solutions…


There’s much more of the plot to uncover, but this first layer of decks represents the inital rounds of Awakening chatter:

  • Black Conflict Vegeta
  • Black Perceptive Tao
  • Blue Resolute Goku
  • Blue Tag Team Ginyu
  • Namekian Radiant Piccolo
  • Namekian Restored Cell
  • Orange Adept Android 13
  • Orange Retribution Tenshinhan
  • Red Ascension Trunks
  • Red Ruthless Broly
  • Saiyan Dynamic Cell Jr.
  • Saiyan Rampaging Gohan

3. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

The Worlds Top Cut on Sunday, November 13th will see the final eight players test their mettle in a single-elimination format. Matches will take place as a “best of 3” series and will be untimed. As a special caveat, the higher seed in each match will choose who goes first in game one.

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