Awakening Launch FAQ + Tourney Doc Updates!

The release of Awakening ushers in a new CRD and Tournament Guide, along with some FAQs from the Wiki – see more below!

Dragon Ball Z: Awakening is now available! You can join the celebration by participating in Launch Events throughout the weekend – check with your local store for more info.

Worlds is just two weeks away – what impact will Awakening have in the unknown environment? Aside from incorporating brand new cards into the metagame, the Dragon Prix and all Worlds events will also be the first tournaments to incorporate the Frozen List.

  • [November 5th] Dragon Prix: New Orleans (pre-register here)
  • [November 11th-13th] DBZ TCG Worlds (information here).

Awakening’s Rulebook (Version 3.0) has been uploaded to the Tournament Documents tab.

The Tournament Guide has been updated with the Frozen List, which contains all of the Mastery cards from Premiere Set. The Frozen List will not include any other cards for the foreseeable future, but note that cards are eligible to be frozen two years after retail release. Also keep in mind that cards can (and will) come off the Frozen List, and personality cards will never be frozen.

The CRD has been updated to version 4.5 – please note the new additions in red. In the case of Hercule’s Dynamite Kick, its ability to add durability to the end-game (and nod to Hercule’s Close Save) does not create any decks that are considered too powerful for the upcoming environment. However, actual usage in the wild has proved problematic for tournaments attempting to complete matches in a timely manner. Even after this clarification, Hercule will still have some late-game tricks available (and note that simply dealing 1 Life Card of damage against a Life Deck of all Hercule’s Dynamite Kick/DBs would still not end the game).

Included below are a selection of Awakening FAQs, courtesy of the DBZ TCG Wiki – check the link for additional clarifications and answers!

If you have Baba in play, your hand is constantly revealed. If you draw three Saiyan Tantrums, would each be revealed individually (separately triggering three Critical Damage effects)?

Effects that take place when a card is “revealed from your hand” are only able to interact with Baba (or similar effects like Blue Mental Drill) when Baba first enters play and initially reveals cards. Cards drawn under Baba or any other persistent “reveal” effect do not trigger “when a card is revealed from your hand” effects.

If you have Red Inferno attached and draw three cards, are each revealed individually (separately triggering three Critical Damage effects)?

Drawing cards during the Draw Step with Red Inferno attached (and your Baba in play) would not generate any Critical Damage effects. Your own Baba entering play during combat with Red Inferno attached would generate one Critical Damage effect, regardless of the amount of cards in your hand.

With Saiyan Dynamic Mastery, do you choose whether or not to start on Level 2 before or after players determine who goes first? What if both players are using Saiyan Dynamic Mastery?

You may decide to begin the game on Level 2 after you and your opponent have revealed your MP and Mastery, but before determining who goes first. If both players are using Saiyan Dynamic Mastery, use a random method to determine which player must make the decision first.

If Android Defensive Blast causes non-Styled “attack cards” to lose all immediate effects, would this still affect a card like Devastating Blow if the “attack” is considered Styled from an effect like Gohan or Black Easy Block?

When an attack is considered “Styled” while being performed (due to an effect like Gohan – Unlocked), the attack card itself is no longer considered “non-Styled” until in a final zone (discard pile, hand, etc).

Earth Dragon Ball 6 and Lord Slug level 1 both have “at the end of combat” timing. If Earth Dragon Ball 6 is the only Dragon Ball you have in play, can you use its “at the end of combat effect to place it at the bottom of your Life Deck and then use Lord Slug’s “at the end of combat” effect to search for a Dragon Ball and place it into play? 

Lord Slug checks whether or not you control a Dragon Ball one time, “at the end of combat.” If Earth Dragon Ball 6 is in play at the end of combat, Lord Slug’s effect would not be able to search for a Dragon Ball (regardless of whether or not you removed EDB6 from play with its own effect).

If you control Puar and Chaozu, and your opponent controls Chaozu, and you use Puar and choose your opponent’s Chaozu, which card gets shuffled back into its owner’s deck?

Puar treats any Power he uses as if it was his own/referred to himself. In your scenario, Puar would be shuffled into your Life Deck at the beginning of your next action.

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