Four for Friday: Worlds Goodies!

Check below for final OP reminders and a look at two new play-mats!

1. DBZ in the Big Easy 

The first large tournament of the Awakening-era takes place tomorrow at Dragon Prix: New Orleans! You can find more information and register online here. All participants must be fully familiar with the recently updated Tournament Guide and CRD. You can also save time by filling out a Deck Registration Form in advance.

2. World Championship Weekend  

The 2016 DBZ TCG Championship is just one week away, and the schedule offers a variety of tournaments for each and every attendee!

  • Friday, November 11th – 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship Open Qualifier (9.00 AM Registration, 10.00 AM start)
  • Saturday, November 12th (Invite Only) – 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship (Swiss) 10.00 AM
  • Saturday, November 12th – ARG $1K Side Event (9.00 AM AM Registration, 10.00 AM start)
  • Sunday, November 13th – 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship (Top Cut) 10.00 AM
  • Sunday, November 13th – ARG Fusion Format (9.00 AM Registration, 10.00 AM start)

You can find more Worlds information (including venue details) by clicking here. If you can’t make it to Worlds, streaming coverage will be available on Cubicorn games – as well as live updates on the blog!


Different levels of badges on display! 

As noted in a previous post, the Worlds Last Chance Qualifier on Friday is capped at 150 entrants and will include a cut to Top 16. Whether you grind your way into the main event or not, all participants in this tournament will receive an exclusive play mat!

3. The Metagame Receives a Rude Awakening

Food for thought in the unnown meta:

  • With each of the Premiere Set Mastery cards currently chilling out on the Frozen List, tomorrow’s Dragon Prix will set a new tone for general Style representation. Black Devious Mastery and Red Enraged Mastery saw high amounts of success throughout this season – will the Black and Red Style continue to thrive with their new options?
  • MPPV strategies have received a boost across all Styles, and they must be taken into account. Whether your deck finds extra space for anti-anger cards or simply plans to outrace the opponent with damage, a realistic gameplan for MPPV is mandatory.
  • With stage pressure and anger gain at an all time high, can control decks exist in the new format? (Yes). Monitoring the impact (and adoption rate) of control builds in the early Awakening environment will be telling as we approach Worlds, as control decks can take significantly longer to fully develop and master.

4. Worlds Participants

Aside from competing for cash prizes and receiving exclusive promos, participants in the World Championship will also earn a “Worlds-only”mat.


Finally, all Worlds participants and Saturday ARG competitors will be able to hold their swag in this World Championship bag.


Soon to be filled with swag! 

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