MetaX Previews: Evil Invasion!

Today’s spoilers from Justice League include some of the toughest Villains from the first set!

All Character cards in MetaX have a “Trait.” In the first release, Justice League, Character cards will have one of two Traits: “Hero Character” or “Villain Character.” Certain card effects will reference a Character’s Trait, such as a Battle Card that gains a bonus if used by a Hero Character. In the future, other universes can and will have Traits beyond “Hero or Villain,” and there are no restrictions on mixing and matching any amount of Traits in your deck.

While the Hero Characters in Justice League generally provide effects that benefit the user (such as healing or card filtering), most of the Villain Characters offer effects that disrupt or damage the opponent.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Darkseid – Ruler of Apokolips is one of the few effects in the game that can discard a card from your opponent’s hand. This ability is at its most useful in the early stages of the game, but at the significant inconvenience of generating +0 MP. Darkseid’s 7 Strength allows access to several highly impactful Strength Battle Cards, while also providing some resilience in combat.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Similar to Darkseid, Lex is a Rank 7 Character with two types of Stats – which at the bare minimum allows for solid applications in battle. Out of the 54 Character Cards in Justice League, 12 of them have a maximum Rank of 7. Lex is unique amongst Rank 7 Characters in that he provides board removal – though it is conditional. On top of that, he must KO himself with his ability if no other targets are in play. While clearing out your own Characters can sometimes be a boon, this is a downside you’ll definitely want to keep in mind. Lex is rounded out with +2 MP generation, which is above average for a Character with direct KO potential.

Rank 7 Characters are the largest bodies in the game, but not every deck type will want to utilize them. Aside from having higher HP KO thresholds, Rank 7 Characters also have access to Rank 7 Battle Cards. Rank 7 Battle Cards are extremely efficient at defending, as they are guaranteed to KO most Characters in one hit. You’ll notice a broad differentiation between Aggro and Control in their Battle Card lineups. Aggro aims for efficient VP claiming with low cost (or MP generating) Battle Cards, while Control utilizes slower (but more impactful) Battle Card lineups.

Aside from their innate usefulness for HP KOs, Rank 7 Battle Cards also pack some of the strongest effects in the game:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

An efficient finisher!

Deathstroke showcases another KO effect, but with a much more reliable impact than Lex.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Though he only generates +1 MP, Deathstroke’s sturdy Stat allocation keeps him relevant beyond his “when played” effect. Deathstroke serves as an on-demand answer to a Character that just used a Push effect, but he will commonly clear an opposing Character that attacked unscathed on the previous turn. This ability doesn’t necessarily help clear defenders the turn it is played, but it instantly regains momentum to keep control over the board.

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Justice League previews will continue on the blog next week, and check out these locations for additional spoilers and coverage!


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