MetaX Previews and TAK Tutorial Video!

See below for more spoilers from Justice League – along with a video link!

Rank 1 Battle Cards generally have a low cost (or gain MP), along with a powerful effect. Though low rank Battle Cards are efficient when undefended, they can take a long time to KO a Character – especially when compared to higher rank Battle Cards that have the potential to kill Characters in a single hit. Today’s previews include two offensively oriented Rank 1 Battle Cards:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
This Multi-Stat Battle Card is usable by every Character in the game, and has applications ranging from combo to control. For the most part, aggro decks will utilize this card to fuel persistent attacks.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
This attack is difficult to defend, making it an efficient poke for midrange decks (while gaining +2 MP) – though beatdown decks of any kind can also make use of this effect!

Batgirl is able to Link to a Team Attack without paying 5 MP, adding a significant speed boost to any Team Attacking deck! Shown here in both booster and Starter variants, she pairs excellently with the previously revealed Nightwing.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Aquaman is evasive, and his ability dodges most of the direct removal options in the game! In addition to a reliable board presence, Aquaman’s 6 Strength and 5 Special distribution allow him to fit into numerous decks – along with an on curve +3 MP.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
This is exactly the kind of effect that Aquaman is able to ignore – you can already imagine his usefulness! This card oozes flexibility, as you can use it on an opponent’s Character to clear a blocker or temporarily answer a Constant Effect. However, you can also target your own Character to clear off any damage, and then replay it for another use of a “when played” effect and more MP! It can also clear space for a different Character entirely, which shouldn’t be underestimated.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Meanwhile, Evil Parade is an example of the kind of Event that can KO Aquaman – as well as everything else on the board! Though the -7 MP cost is steep, this can guarantee stabilization while you regain control of the board.

Aside from familiarizing yourself with Meta X’s Demo Deck, Sample Match, and Rulebook, also be sure to watch this “Introduction to MetaX” video from our Australian distribution partner, TAK Games! The video covers the basics (including an overview of card types and deck construction rules), and you can look forward to more video coverage from TAK Games in the future.

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