DBZ CRD, MetaX Previews, and Demo Match Videos!

Click below for DBZ’s farewell CRD, new MetaX previews, and a link to MetaX demo videos!

The final update to the DBZ CRD (v6.0) is available here.

The purpose of this document is to provide a final reference for Panini America’s DBZ TCG, including a clarification on hidden zone rulings with cards like Kami – Guardian and Tenshinhan’s Preparation.

In the interest of making sure that no cards were left behind in Awakening’s “final format,” the CRD also contains a curated list of MPs that are eligible to pair with Mastery Cards on the Frozen List (Black Devious Mastery and Red Enraged Mastery). This “Legacy Thawing Bonus” adds some extra juice to the card-pool of the included characters, and overall allows for a more diverse and exciting eternal environment.

Finally, Orange Retribution Mastery gains: “(You cannot activate the Power of a Drill with the same name as a Drill you have already activated this turn).” This effectively prevents you from repeatedly using the same Drill multiple times in a turn, though Orange Retribution Mastery remains incredibly potent!

In MetaX news, today’s previews feature three powerhouse Rares from Justice League:

Captain Marvel is one of the most flexible Characters in the game, and his wide array of applications make him the ideal backbone in numerous Midrange builds. With an HP KO threshold of 7, Captain Marvel can soak up damage – and then Push on your turn to return to your hand! He can then be replayed, forming a consistent (if slow) MP engine to boot.

Captain Marvel comes as a Rare in Booster Packs, but is also shown here in Promo form. Watch for more information about Promo releases leading up to Comic Con and Gen Con – including a sneak preview of the jaw dropping foil pattern!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Teleportation brings access to a recursive effect that is similar to Captain Marvel – while clearing another Character off the board! Bouncing an opposing Character can temporarily answer a debilitating Constant effect, or you can generate huge tempo by targeting a Character with a Push effect. In many cases, you’ll be clearing a potential defender out of the way to get through for a VP.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

When paired with cards like Teleportation and Batman – Dark Knight, the offensive effect of this Rank 7 Special Battle Card becomes all the more deadly. A wide range of decks can make effective use of this card, whether it be an efficient finisher in Control or extra speed in a larger Aggro build.

On a closing note, Crossed Streaming (from former DBZ Regional host Paradox CNC) streamed several live MetaX demo matches last weekend – and you can view the videos on demand here! These matches contain decks comprised of just the cards that had been revealed to date, so the deck construction is a bit wonky – but be sure to watch for the demonstration of gameplay, commentary, and analysis of MetaX in general!

Until next week, you can find more spoilers here:

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