Holiday Previews!

Check below for more MetaX previews from Justice League!

To everyone celebrating the holiday, Panini America wishes you a safe and sane night! Let’s get right into today’s previews:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Constantine is one of the highest impact symmetrical effects in the format, negating any “when played” (green triangle) effects. His ability lends itself to numerous archetypes, as he turns off the effect of several key Characters such as Batman – Dark Knight or Ra’s Al Ghul – The Demon’s Head. However, this comes at the cost of constructing a deck without access to “when played” effects of your own.

Joke’s On You trades two cards for two cards – so it doesn’t net any actual card advantage. For minimal risk and -1 MP, this Event can be utilized to recur a specific Battle Card or provide general smoothing. The random discard also has interactions with other effects, such as the yet to be revealed Constant ability that reads “Whenever you discard 1 or more cards from your hand, draw a card.”

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
This 7 Strength Battle Card (R137) is usable by a handful of Characters in the first set, but its vanilla value is decently costed at -2 MP for a Rank 7. Though its effect only takes place when used offensively, it generates a swing in card advantage. There are very few effects in the game that are capable of discarding cards from your opponent’s hand, and they become all the more effective when combined together.

On a closing note, our Australian distribution partner TAK Games has released another “Intro to MetaX” video – available here:

This video covers Game Zones and how cards are placed on the table, along with an in depth look at attacking and defending.

Check back on Friday for more MetaX news and previews, and you can find additional spoilers here:

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