MetaX UR Previews: The World’s Finest

Check below for a sneak peek at the two Ultra Rare cards from Justice League!

Welcome to our end of the week MetaX previews!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Superman – Last Son of Krypton only has two Stats (compared to three on Man of Steel), but he is a dual Rank 7 Character! Taking these high stats into account, Superman’s MP gain is above average.

Superman’s ability to tirelessly attack and defend generates significant board presence, and numerous Midrange/Control builds can make efficient use of this effect.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Similar to Superman, Batman – Caped Crusader is a UR featuring two Stats with a Rank of 7. While Batman – Dark Knight slants more aggressive, this effect is far more measured. As the world’s greatest detective, Batman likes to gather info – and you can target both yourself and your opponent with this effect!

When used for disruption, you’ll preemptively answer a potentially troublesome card (by directly discarding it, or setting it up to be removed as a VP) and gain knowledge about the upcoming cards in your opponent’s hand. Meanwhile, using the effect on yourself will allow for hand smoothing – while also setting up immediate combos with effects that draw cards.

All Ultra Rare (“UR”) and Cross Rare (“XR”) cards are foil, and you’ll be able to see some dazzling glamour shots of the foil pattern in the near future. Don’t forget that C, UC, and R cards also have foil versions, and you’ll open a foil card approximately every three packs!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Paralysis packs a noteworthy cost, especially for an effect that has no removal or card advantage. However, any deck attempting to survive into the later stages of a match will find the -4 MP cost well worth it!

Paralysis will also be available as a Welcome Kit promo at launch, and all promo cards are foil. Welcome Kits will be available through your distributor – message for any general inquiries. Keep your eyes on the blog for more info about Welcome Kits and promos, including the upcoming Comic Con and Gen Con exclusives!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
This Battle Card showcases the versatility of Intelligence, and -1 MP is not that steep of a cost for a Rank 4. When used defensively, this card can set your opponent back by placing an irrelevant Character on top and denying a useful draw. You can also stack a key Character that your opponent might have effects to recur – then effectively remove it from the game by gaining a VP! On top of all that, you can always put a Character on top of your own deck to immediately draw next turn.

Check back next Tuesday for more previews and coverage! Until then, you can find additional spoilers and discussion here:

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