Tuesday Tidbits: Justice League Previews & Afterworld Walkthrough!

Today’s post takes a look at Ra’s al Ghul and other MetaX previews from Justice League – along with a walkthrough video for Afterworld.

The release of MetaX’s first set, “Justice League,” is just weeks away! You’ll be able to get a first look (and acquire exclusive promos) at the San Diego Comic Con – check back on Friday for more info. After that, the game will officially launch on August 4th, followed by a first taste of Organized Play with sealed events taking place at Gen Con. Also, keep in mind that Welcome Kits containing promos and other swag will be available through your distributor. 
Ra’s al Ghul – The Demon’s Head requires a specific load-out of Characters to maximize his value, and he often competes for space with other “aggro team leaders” like Darkseid – Uxas. However, his ability to quickly fill up the board (while generating card advantage) is one of the most powerful effects in the game – while also packing access to the majority of Intelligence Battle Cards! When paired with cards like 4 Special (C49-JL), Deadman, and Blue Beetle, Ra’s al Ghul can enable a tempo-based rushdown deck with impressive defensive flexibility.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Mister Freeze is one of the stiffest answers to Rank 7 Characters, as he both turns off their effects and prevents them from being sent out to defend. Though Rank 7 Characters will be able to generate MP and attack, Freeze can provide a final push or buy time against hardier, more efficient lineups.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Resurrection of Power offers an outlet to clear away your own lingering Characters, which can be especially useful when you’ve met the maximum threshold of three Characters in play.  This Event not only opens up space to drop new Characters, but also draws cards to recoup your loss! You can maximize this card’s value by using it on severely wounded Characters.

These two Rank 1 Battle Cards also compare and contrast with the draw effect of 1 Intelligence (R127-JL). While you won’t always see a cycle of effects for each Rank, overlapping effects in different Stats can give insight into each color’s upsides and inconveniences. Here, the 1 Special replaces itself outright and generates 0 MP, while the 1 Strength offers a discard outlet and +2 MP (though it has no net card advantage). Battle Cards with low Ranks are extremely efficient at gaining VPs and usually offer strong effects like these, but they can become a liability when defended!

In other Panini Games news, be sure to check out Afterworld’s new walkthrough tutorial video: available here!

That’s all for now, but you can find additional spoilers for Justice League in the following locations:

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