More MetaX Previews!

Our end of week previews feature four new Character reveals – click below to see!

First, a reminder that four different foil promo cards are currently available at San Diego Comic-Con. The booth also features Demo Decks/tutorials, and a limited supply of early bird product for sale. If you’re unable to attend Comic-Con, you still have a chance to obtain these promos by “Liking” and leaving a comment in the relevant thread on our Facebook page. 

If you’re a game shop interested in running MetaX events, contact your distributor for a Welcome Kit (and message for any other inquiries).

Today’s previews feature four Character cards, most with Constant effects.


Robin’s “when played” effect can replenish Aggro decks by refilling your hand after a barrage of attacks. At the same time, a more Midrange build can utilize Robin to punish Control decks that are holding back too much for value. Finally, his maximum Rank of 5 allows him to slot into various combo builds.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Some decks based around Rank 5 Characters contain a handful of Rank 6 or 7 Characters, and Darkseid – Uxas is one of the most potent examples. Characters with a maximum Rank of 5 often lend themselves to rushdown strategies, which require a constant stream of Battle Cards to fuel attacks. Though Darkseid’s effect does nothing without an active teammate, his sustained presence can ultimately generate a substantial amount of card advantage.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Short of KO’ing a Character outright, Zod brings one of the few effects in the game that answers a Continuous Effect (such as the above Darkseid). This lockdown effect is also one-sided, rather than symmetrical like John Constantine or Wonder Woman XR. However, taking advantage of this effect requires choosing from a more restricted pool of Characters.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Hawkgirl completely shuts down any discard pile shenanigans, whether it be Deadman trying to add a Battle Card to a player’s hand or Rebirth attempting to shuffle cards back. This effect is a welcome floodgate against the likes of Ra’s al Ghul and Starfire, while also providing an intriguing option for mill decks to block regeneration.

Check back on Tuesday for more news leading up to the August 4th launch, and be sure to check out the fully released spoiler suites from the following sites:


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