MetaX’s Comic Con Debut, Promo Giveaway, and More Previews!

Click below for info about the Panini Games booth at the San Diego Comic Con – including a chance to win exclusive promos!

The San Diego Comic Con kicks off tomorrow with preview night, and the show runs from July 20th-23rd. Panini America’s booth (#2447) will feature various collectible and entertainment products for both display and sale – including MetaX! Ahead of the August 4th launch, attendees at Comic Con will have the opportunity to purchase a limited supply of MetaX Starter Decks and Booster Packs from Justice League. MetaX Demo Decks will also be present, with walkthroughs available throughout the week.

In addition, exclusive alternate-art foil promo cards will be available – with a different Character card released each day! These free promo cards can be obtained by downloading one of the following apps: Panini Direct (iOS, Android), NFL Gridiron from Panini (iOS, Android), or NBA Dunk from Panini (iOS, Android).

Check back later in the week for additional coverage from Comic Con, including pictures from the show floor and foil promo images – plus news about the next DC expansion (and beyond)!

If you’re unable to attend Comic Con – don’t fret! More foil promo cards will be available at Gen Con, and you can also win a set of Comic Con promos by visiting our Facebook page and “Liking” the giveaway post. Leave a comment about which previously revealed card you are most excited about, and the lucky winners will be announced next week!

Today’s MetaX previews from Justice League feature two Cross Rare (“XR”) cards, including a healthy dose of The Joker.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
Similar to Former Psychiatrist, the XR version of Harley Quinn revolves around directly stealing VPs. Though this Push effect is slower and has no application in the Battle Zone, it offers a consistent path to closing out the game. In exchange for this upgraded effect, Dr. Harleen Quinzel packs only two Stats (compared to three on Former Psychiatrist) and +1 MP (vs. +3).

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The Joker – Clown Prince of Crime starts off with robust Stats and average MP gain. From there, his “when played” ability creates controlled chaos – but the timing is always at your discretion! Utilizing The Joker to resculpt your hand or dig for specific answers can allow for diverse deckbuilding, as more situational cards can always be sent away by his effect. Furthermore, the effect also has a high potential to disrupt the opponent’s gameplan – especially when used after an effect that searches for a card or arranges the top of a deck!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The XR version of The Joker features a less universally applicable effect, but remains equally viable. In decks with either version of Harley Quinn (or both!), The Joker provides card advantage and inevitable late-game reach. On top of that, The Joker – Certifiably Insane is also a Rank 7 Character with three Stats, providing reliable value in concert with +3 MP.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
The defensive effect on this Battle Card looks for Rank 7 Characters in the Battle Zone, whether they belong to you or your opponent. This effect often allows for smaller decks to recoup some card advantage against Control, and it also has a few combo options when played with your own Rank 7 oriented build.

Aside from more content from San Diego, check back on Friday for additional MetaX spoilers! Until then, you can find additional previews here:

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