“Stamped Effects” in MetaX

How will “team specific” effects be implemented in the next expansion – and beyond?

The MetaX TCG engine allows for endless permutations of decks, and Justice League alone has seen a wide variety of Character combinations. Events and Battle Cards (and their ratios therein) must be given consideration in the early stages of brewing, but Character lineups have the highest potential to form the identity of your deck. When Green Lantern releases on December 1st, over fifty new Character cards will join the fray!


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As discussed last Tuesday, each group of Lanterns will have have a unique identity that shapes their various strengths and inconveniences in gameplay. The next set includes  cards that require your deck to include a heavy investment in a specific Lantern faction, and they are some of the most powerful effects in the game. Yet, within any given tribe there is still room to explore several different builds. In general, you can expect every set to allow for viable decks to be built out of cards that are only from that release.

However, one of the fundamental aspects of MetaX is that it is a crossover game. Aside from utilizing the new Characters in stamped archetypes, you’ll be able to mix and match cards across each release in an attempt to create the ultimate deck! Stamped effects in Green Lantern require things like discarding/revealing a certain Trait from your hand, controlling a certain Trait in play, or (in the case of Battle Cards) provide an extra effect if used by a certain Trait. For example, this upcoming Event can only be maximized with a deck running a high count of a certain Lantern tribe – can you guess which one?

If you control only [REDACTED] Lantern Characters, only [REDACTED] Lantern Characters may declare attacks until the end of your next turn.

Even with heavily stamped effects scattered throughout the set, you’ll notice that each faction has a significant amount of universally applicable effects. For the most part, you’ll see each group include Characters that are specifically stamped to their faction, Characters that enhance their faction’s theme without specific requirements, and Characters with more “generally good” effects. For example, this upcoming Constant Effect (Trait: Green Lantern) will have useful applications in multiple builds:

After this Character pushes to attack, push target Character with a maximum rank of 5.

Aside from Traits representing the different colored Lanterns, there are also a handful of Hero and Villain Characters, as well as effects that reference them. Of course, all of these Character interactions offer exciting new strategies in the draft format as well.

Deckbuilding already presented you a limitless canvas, and the options will only increase from here!

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