New Promos and GL Preview Schedule!

Check below for info about October’s Tournament Kit and upcoming Green Lantern spoilers!

The next wave of Tournament Kits will rotate to new promos for October, with 20x copies of P2-JL Victorious (participation promo) and 2x copies of P6-JL Superman – Man of Steel (top performer).

Tournament Kits are freely available to any store hosting MetaX events – message for more information. Aside from regular Tournament Kits, stores should also be on the lookout for upcoming Launch Kits for Green Lantern – check with your distributor later this month for details!

At the end of this month, previews from Green Lantern will begin rolling out here on the blog. Aside from that, you’ll be able to find additional spoilers on various fan-sites, podcasts, and video channels! If you produce content or coverage for MetaX and you’re interested in reviewing cards from Green Lantern, please message with your contact information.

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