Green Lantern Checklist Teasers!

Welcome to the end of the week – see below to find out about the Cross Rares (“XR”) and Ultra Rares (“UR”) from Green Lantern.

The burgeoning Justice League metagame has seen two separate paths of growth, as the game’s debut required players to assimilate an entirely new CCG engine while simultaneously developing overall deck strategies from the given pool of cards. When Green Lantern releases this December, players will already be familiar with the game engine – allowing for even further refined deck construction. With Organized Play details on the horizon, it will be exciting to observe which decks emerge as early contenders in the new environment.

Previews for Green Lantern will begin at the end of this month –  be sure to watch for the reveal of these Cross Rare and Ultra Rare cards!

  • XR144-GL: Superman – Protector of Life (White Lantern)
  • XR141-GL: Batman – Reanimated (Black Lantern) 
  • XR142-GL: Parallax – Hal Jordan (Sinestro Corps)
  • XR143-GL: Sinestro – Master Tactician (Sinestro Corps)
  • UR145-GL: Superboy-Prime – Unstoppable (Villain)
  • UR146-GL: Green Lantern – Emerald Knight (Green Lantern)

The next set also includes several “cameo” Lanterns, including Scarecrow (Sinestro Corps), Wonder Woman (Star Sapphires), Green Arrow (Black Lantern), Atom (Indigo Tribe), and more.

Check back next week for more Green Lantern info as we approach the full rollout of spoilers! Remember, your vote will help influence the order of reveals.


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