Tuesday Tidbits: Lanterns on the Horizon

Click below to see the first details of MetaX’s next release – featuring DC’s Green Lantern!

First, a reminder that the deadline for our Batman Day giveaway is this Friday. Submit your entries to the Panini Games Facebook page for your chance to win a box!

Coming in Winter 2017, the Green Lantern expansion will be a 146 card (booster pack only) release. The set will feature characters from all across the emotional spectrum, including Green Lanterns, Black Lanterns, White Lanterns, Star Sapphires, Sinestro Corps, and more! Besides new Character cards like Larfleeze, Atrocitus, and Saint Walker, you can also expect specific synergies with some of the new Events and Battle Cards. While some Characters will interact with specific new Traits (such as “Red Lantern”), others will have more general effects (similar to Characters from the first set). Which lantern color will you choose to represent?!

For the purposes of deck construction, all cards in this set are eligible to mix and match with existing “Justice League” cards. In general, you can expect full compatibility between each release – but with options always available that allow for building a viable deck without dipping outside of a single set.

Watch for the official release date (scheduled release: Winter 2017), along with details about the corresponding Launch Kit! In addition, spoiler season will be here before you know it – watch for Green Lantern previews to begin in October. Aside from previews on the blog, you’ll be able to find additional spoilers and coverage on various fansites, Youtube channels, and more!

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