“Batman Day” Contest Winners and GL Poll!

Check below for winners from last week’s contest, plus a Green Lantern poll!

1) Giveaway Winners

In celebration of Batman Day (and Harley’s takeover!), we asked last week: Which Character is stronger in MetaX – Batman or Harley Quinn? The results are in, and Batman claimed a narrow victory! Both Batman and Harley Quinn currently offer two different Character cards, and you can expect additional variants in the future. For example, the next set will include a new Black Lantern Batman. Box winners:

  • Nick G.
  • Mark S.
  • Tanner V.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and stay tuned for additional contests and giveaways coming soon!

2) “Play” Clarification

When a card effect allows you to “play” a Character, this means it is in addition to your normal Character drop for the turn. While this is inherently implied on cards like Ra’s Al Ghul and Blue Beetle, keep in mind that Come and Take It allows you to potentially play two Characters in one turn. Watch for more effects like these in the Green Lantern expansion – such as a Character that can play a Red Lantern from your hand or discard pile!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Come and try this card..

3) GL Previews Poll 

Much like the aggressive slant referenced in the aforementioned Red Lantern effect, each group of Lanterns has their own unique approach to battle. We’ll close out the week with the following poll question – which Lantern group are you most excited to see in the next set? The order of preview reveals will be influenced by this poll, so choose wisely!