Tuesday Tidbits: Spoiler Gossip + Tutorial Vid News!

Check below for Green Lantern’s official release date, more preview info, and news about the upcoming “how to play” video for MetaX.

Before the formal release of Green Lantern on December 22nd (12/6 ship date), an official MetaX tutorial video will be uploaded by Panini Games. Please look forward to its release in November!

With Green Lantern previews set to begin at the end of the month, be sure to let us know if your fansite, podcast, or video coverage channel would like to preview cards from the upcoming set! When previews do begin rolling out (with the order of reveals influenced by this poll), you’ll notice that each different Lantern group has their own unique theme. At the same time, there are several universal effects such as:

  • a character that negates deck searching effects

  • a new Superman Character that rewards having more copies of Superman in your hand
  • a Hero Character that forces each player to draw a card whenever it pushes to attack

And while some Battle Cards and Events are juiced with specific Lantern traits, the set is also filled with non-stamped effects:

  • an effect that draws a card for every other card you have played that turn
  • an effect that ends the Battle Step
  • an effect that rewards controlling three different Traits

Watch for more announcements about Green Lantern as we approach the end of the month!

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  1. I have a Facebook Page for a MetaX Florida community and one for DC Comics Games, and a blog where I write about various comics and DC Comics stuff. I haven’t written a post for MetaX yet, but if you guys share previews I’ll definitely can write about them.


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