GL Poll Results and Pending Previews!

Check below to see which Green Lantern cards will be revealed first!

Green Lantern previews will begin on October 31st, starting with the Ultra Rare card “Green Lantern – Emerald Knight” on the Panini Games Facebook page.


Based on the results from this poll, the first faction to be highlighted on the blog will be Black Lanterns! There are four Black Lantern Character cards in the next set:

  • Nekron – Death Entity
  • Black Hand – William Hand
  • Batman – Reanimated
  • Green Arrow – Hand of Death

The zombified members of the Black Lantern Corps seek to eradicate all living things, and this is reflected in the MetaX engine with an emphasis on disruption – whether it be from the hand, deck, or in play! However, don’t expect Black Lanterns to be a passive discard deck, as many of their effects are fueled by doing battle.

There are two Event cards that interact specifically with Black Lanterns:

  • The Darkness Grows
  • The Dead Shall Rise

Along with two stamped Battle Cards:

  • A 2 Strength that discards cards from your opponent’s deck
  • A 6 Special with one of the most destructive effects in the game

Whether you’re running a deck comprised entirely of Black Lanterns, splashing Black Lanterns into a deck based around disruption, or simply running a few “goodstuff” Black Lantern cards in a more general deck – you’re bound to be impressed by their raw power!

In the weeks leading up to the release of Green Lantern, we’ll be rolling out information about the topics you want to hear about the most! Keep your eyes peeled for pending announcements about Organized Play (at the local level and beyond!) and other promotions to expand the game – as well as more info about 2018’s Attack on Titan release.