Tuesday Tidbits: Green Lantern’s Light!

Check below for info about the twelve “Green Lantern” Character cards in the next set!

MetaX will be present at the upcoming PAX AUS in Melbourne from October 27-29th. If you’re attending, be sure to stop and talk to our friends at TAK Games!

In just one week, Green Lantern previews will begin – starting with the UR Green Lantern – Emerald Knight on the Panini Games Facebook page! Spoiler season will also kickoff on the blog with previews from the Black Lantern tribe, and you’ll be able to find other new cards on various fansites, podcasts, and video channels.

Today, we’ll continue mapping out each faction from the next set. You can find previous rundowns here: Black Lanterns, Red/White Lanterns, and Sinestro Corps/Blue Lanterns.


Fueled by willpower, Green Lanterns have access to nearly every kind of effect in the game – including an emphasis on searching out cards from your deck!

Characters with the Green Lantern Trait make up the largest group of the set. With twelve different Character cards, watch for this tribe to have several searchable “toolbox” effects – plus a large amount of non-stamped effects!

  • Mogo – Living Planet
  • Kilowog – Drill Sergeant
Green Lantern – Abin Sur
  • Green Lantern – Green Gladiator
  • Green Lantern – Guy Gardner
  • Green Lantern – Kilowog
  • Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner
  • Green Lantern – Sinestro
  • Green Lantern – Tomar-Re
  • Green Lantern – Jade 
Green Lantern – John Stewart
  • Green Lantern – Emerald Knight

Green Lanterns are called out on a few Events, with these three adding specific benefits to most builds:

Lantern Synergy
  • In Brightest Day
  • Green Lantern’s Light

Green Lanterns also have interactions with new Battle Cards, including a Strength 3 Battle Card.

On Friday, we’ll conclude our tour through the emotional spectrum with previews of the Star Sapphires and Orange Lanterns. Aside from spoilers beginning next week, you can also look forward to the upcoming video tutorial, more promotional giveaways, and the exciting rollout of Organized Play!


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