Touring the Emotional Spectrum

Today’s post breaks down the upcoming Sinestro Corps and Blue Lanterns!

With spoiler season for the next set drawing near, we’ll continue outlining each faction leading up to Green Lantern’s October 31st debut. For previous rundowns, see: Themes for the next set, Black Lanterns, Red/White Lanterns. Today, let’s take a look at Blue Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps!


Members of the Sinestro Corps utilize yellow power rings, and their abilities are stoked by fear. In the MetaX engine, this emphasis on intimidation can be seen in the form of effects that make it difficult for your opponent to defend! Seven Sinestro Corps Characters appear in Green Lantern:

  • Mongul – The Lesser
  • Scarecrow – Master of Fear
  • Lyssa Drak – Bookkeeper
  • The Anti-Monitor – Guardian of Fear
  • Parallax – Hal Jordan
  • Sinestro – Master Tactician
  • Sinestro – Tyrant

Similar to other factions, there are two Sinestro Corps oriented Events:

  • In Blackest Night
  • Beware Your Fears

Finally, there are two Battle Cards stamped to Sinestro Corps – an offensive Strength 2, and an Intelligence 5 that can drain MP.


Protected by the power of hope, Blue Lanterns offer some of the best defensive effects in the game – plus special synergy with Basic Battle Cards! There are five Blue Lantern Character cards:

  • Saint Walker – The First Blue Lantern
  • Saint Walker – The Power of Hope
  • Saint Walker – Bro’Dee Walker
  • Warth – Brother Warth
  • Kyle Rayner – Beacon of Hope

Blue Lanterns have two stamped Events, though one features a specific interaction with Characters that have the “Green Lantern” Trait:

  • In Raging Night
  • Hope Burns Bright

Despite packing numerous effects that interact with Basic Battle Cards, Blue Lanterns also have access to effects in the form of several Intelligence Battle Cards.

That’s all for now, but keep your eyes peeled for new giveaways and promotions to celebrate the release of upcoming Green Lantern. Check back next week for more walkthroughs, including Star Sapphires, Orange Lanterns, and Indigo Tribe!

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