Tuesday Tidbits: Autumn Winds

Check below for a rundown on Red Lanterns and White Lanterns from the upcoming Green Lantern expansion.

Last week’s post noted that Green Lantern previews will kick off on the Panini Games Facebook page, followed by Black Lanterns receiving an early spotlight on the blog. With Green Lantern spoilers just two weeks away, we’ll continue breaking down each faction as we approach their full reveal.



Rage, personified 


Red Lanterns are driven by endless rage, and their effects encourage an aggressive rushdown strategy. There are five Red Lantern Characters in Green Lantern: 

  • Atrocitus – Atros
  • Atrocitus – Survivor
  • Dex-Starr – Dexter
  • Bleez – Crown Princess
  • Guy Gardner – Sector 2814

Red Lanterns also have access to two stamped Events:

  • Burn You All
  • Blood and Rage

Also be on the lookout for a pair of Strength Battle Cards (Rank 4 and Rank 7) that have positive interactions with Red Lanterns.



Fueled by life 


Meanwhile, White Lanterns draw their power from life – reflected in the game engine through various regenerative effects! Four Characters have the White Lantern “Trait” in the next set:

  • Superman – Protector of Life
  • Kyle Rayner – Defender of Peace
  • Deadman – Agent of Rama Kushna
  • Sinestro – Possessed

Along with two White Lantern based Events:

  • Triumph
  • Purifying Shield

Aside from different forms of healing, White Lanterns are also able to unleash the combined power of the seven other Lantern colors – as seen by their affinity for Multistat Battle Cards! Watch for a 3 Intelligence Battle Card that works well with White Lanterns, along with a stamped 5 STR/INT/SP.

Don’t forget that Tournament Kits for October are still available by contacting OP@paniniamerica.net. That’s all for now, but watch for more news from Green Lantern – as it is sure to shake up the competitive scene heading into Organized Play!

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