GL Previews: Coming Storm!

Happy Friday! Check below for a breakdown of the final factions from Green Lantern.

Courtesy of TAK Games, MetaX is up and running at PAX Australia. Be sure to stop by booth TT728 for demos and promo giveaways!


In Green Lantern news, spoiler season is finally upon us! Starting next week, you’ll be able to find new card previews on the Panini Games Facebook page. On Tuesday, we’ll take a look at Black Lanterns right here on the blog – followed by more previews each week as we approach the December 23rd release! You’ll also be able to find spoilers through other third party/community sources, including:

  • RetroDBZ
  • MetaX TCG Community
  • The Oblivion Bar
  • TAK Games
  • TCG Top Tier
  • MetaX TCG Reddit
  • Panini Games Facebook Group
  • Panini Games Twitter

Check back next week for a full list of participating links!

As a final precursor to the unveiling of Green Lantern, let’s take a quick look at the three remaining factions: Star Sapphires, Orange Lanterns, and the Indigo Tribe! You can find previous rundowns here: Black Lanterns, Red/White Lanterns, Sinestro Corps/Blue Lanterns, and Green Lanterns.


Star Sapphires wield violet power rings, which embody the power of love. This faction is able to do a little bit of everything, and there are four Star Sapphire Character cards in the next set:

  • Wonder Woman – Ambassador of Peace
  • Star Sapphire – Violet Lantern
  • Star Sapphire – Carol Ferris
  • Carol Ferris – Queen of the Star Sapphires

Aside from a potent Special 6 Battle Card, Star Sapphires also have access to two of the flashiest Event cards in the game:

  • Love Conquers All
  • Join Our Fight


Meanwhile, orange power rings are fueled by avarice – and the “Orange Lanterns” essentially revolve around a lone Character – Larfleeze!

  • Larfleeze – Orange God
  • Larfleeze – Powered by Avarice
  • Agent Orange – Ogatoo Thief
  • Hal Jordan – Insatiable Greed

In MetaX, Orange Lantern stamped cards offer a variety of “greedy” effects, including options that both limit the opponent or gain more resources for yourself. This is reflected in both Orange Lantern Event cards:

  • What’s Mine is Mine
  • Not Yours!

Also be on the lookout for Orange Lantern interactions with Battle Cards, including a Strength 2 and Intelligence 5!


Finally, the mysterious Indigo Tribe is powered by compassion, and their four Character cards offer a wide variety of unusual effects:

  • Iroque – Compassionate Leader
  • Iroque – Indigo-1
  • Munk – Indigo-2
  • Atom – Sector 2814

The Indigo Tribe also has a theme of VP Pile manipulation, as seen in their Event card “Communion” or the stamped Intelligence 4 Battle Card.

Be sure to check back on Tuesday for more coverage from Green Lantern!

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