Tuesday Tidbits – GL Faction Rundown!

Check below for more info about MetaX’s next expansion set – “Green Lantern.”

When Green Lantern releases on December 1st, a wide variety of new Character Traits will be introduced to the metagame.

Last week’s post included a poll, and its results will influence the order of upcoming previews. Whether you’re fully familiar with the entire emotional spectrum, or you’ve never heard of Lanterns beyond Green – the following breakdown shows how you can expect each group to play in MetaX!

  • Blue LanternsHope: Blue Lantern effects are somewhat defensive by nature, but synergy with a certain type of Battle Card (and interaction with various Green Lanterns) allows for an offensive punch as well.
  • Orange LanternsAvarice: Decks based around Orange Lantern Characters and their effects are focused on obtaining as many things as possible: cards, MP – you name it! At the same time, they can be quite stingy with what they allow the opponent to gain…
  • Green LanternsWillpower: Green Lanterns offer a wide variety of Characters to choose from, along with a powerful package of search effects. Green Lantern based decks also offer various interactions with Push effects.
  • Red LanternsRage: Aggressive strategies are the name of the game for Red Lanterns, including extra Character drops, effects that punish certain Characters for blocking, and plenty of card draw.
  • Sinestro Corps (Yellow) – Fear: This faction features many effects evoking “intimidation,” whether it be MP drain, stifling defenders, or even some light hand destruction.
  • Indigo TribeCompassion: Just as the indigo light can manipulate the other colors of the emotional spectrum, the Indigo Tribe in MetaX offers some of the most unique control effects in the game – including VP Pile manipulation.
  • Star Sapphires (Violet) – Love: The Star Sapphires are able to do a little bit of everything, with two of the more powerful stamped Events in the game. In general, Star Sapphire Characters also function well with any effects that “target” a Character.
  • Black LanternsDeath: Black Lanterns are highly disruptive, featuring several battle-related interactions that can discard cards from your opponents deck.
  • White LanternsLife: Aside from a wealth of healing and damage manipulation, White Lanterns also have discard pile recursion and Multi-Stat Battle Card synergy.

If you haven’t voted on the GL Preview Poll, you’re now fully informed to make a decision! That’s all for this week, but stay tuned for the start of spoiler season, Green Lantern Launch Kit contents, OP announcements, video content, and more!


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