November Tournament Kit & More GL Previews!

Let’s close out the week with a look at White Lanterns – plus new Tournament Kit promos!

Tournament Kit promos have rotated for November. The new Tournament Kits include foil/alternate-art versions of Unexpected Turnaround (participation) and Harley Quinn – Former Psychiatrist (top performer).


Tournament Kits are freely available for any store hosting MetaX events – for more information contact Be on the lookout for more news about Organized Play’s expansion beyond local events, as well as details about the upcoming Green Lantern Launch Kit!

For today’s Green Lantern previews, the spotlight shines on the White Lanterns.

Similar to his Justice League variant, Deadman’s ability serves to fuel combat by recurring Battle Cards – though this version can generate raw card advantage by grabbing up to two cards! Maximizing this ability requires an emphasis on White Lantern Characters and a high count of Multi-Stat Battle Cards, but White Lantern decks can easily afford this investment.

First and foremost, Kyle Rayner’s three types of Stats and maximum Rank of 7 allow for substantial survivability. On top of that, his “when played” effect can remove significant damage from teammates – while any Multi-Stat damage on opposing Characters remains attached! This wide-ranging effect is not stamped to White Lanterns, so watch for its application in other unique builds…

Superman provides another White Lantern with a maximum Rank of 7, along with more minor healing. However, Superman’s effect also generates offense – as the attached damage moves from one of your White Lantern’s onto an opposing Character! If your opponent is unable to efficiently score a KO on your White Lanterns, this effect can quickly reverse momentum.

The White Lantern faction’s theme of recursion continues with Triumph, which allows you to pull any Battle Card or Character from your discard pile – at no cost! This flexible card gives White Lantern decks a great deal of consistency, as it can be used to ensure a Character drop or gain repeated access to tool-boxy Battle Card effects.

Their second stamped Event requires pitching a White Lantern Character from your hand, and its effect heals all Characters in play while also “healing” you a VP. At -5 MP with a symmetrical effect, this card can be tricky to pull off – but its unique ability to decrease the size of an opposing VP Pile is well worth the cost!

This Battle Card does not require a White Lantern user, and it offers more Character recursion from the discard pile (in the welcome form of a shuffle effect). It also bounces an attached Battle Card to its owner’s hand, giving you the option to heal your Character’s even more – or return one of your own Battle Cards to your hand to continue attacking! Regardless of the card’s effect, it carries a cost of only -1 MP while packing all three Stat types.

That’s all for today, but there are still more White Lantern cards to be seen! Be sure to watch for Sinestro – Possessed, a stamped Battle Card that manipulates MP, and more general Multi-Stat synergy. Check back on Tuesday for more spoilers from Green Lantern, and you can find additional previews on the following community sites:


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