GL Spoilers: Join Our Fight!


Previews from Green Lantern continue below!

Today’s previews feature the Star Sapphire Corps, with an emphasis on Carrol Ferris.

Star Sapphire – Violet Lantern starts with modest value as a Rank 5 Character with +3 MP, but her effect can create persistent board presence in a deck focused on the Star Sapphire Trait. At a bare minimum, this card is able to search for itself to chain out defenders against an aggressive deck. However, you’ll often see this effect fetch the following:

The stat distribution of Star Sapphire – Carol Ferris grants solid survivability, along with a welcome access to Rank 6 Special Battle Cards (more on this below). Meanwhile, her effect can create a consistent draw engine that forms the backbone of your entire deck! Cards that are able to target either player’s Characters like 3 Strength (C59- JL)¬†gain even more value when paired with this effect. Aside from a deck focused around Star Sapphires, this card has a high potential to be splashed in numerous other builds.

There are still more Star Sapphire Characters to be revealed, including a powerful Rank 7 Wonder Woman! Similar to most factions in the set, Star Sapphires also have access to two stamped Events:

For -4 MP, Love Conquers All will usually heal two of your Characters while drawing two cards. This is already a massive amount of value, but using the effect on Star Sapphire – Carol Ferris leads to drawing three cards instead! In a pinch, you can situationally discard Battle Cards from an opposing Character as needed.

Join Our Fight’s targeted effect is another way to trigger Carol Ferris, but most of the time it will simply clear out a defender for the turn. On top of that, you might be able to play an extra Star Sapphire – which happens to combo especially well with the effect of the upcoming Wonder Woman!

Finally, this 6 Special Battle Card can be used by any Trait to pull back a Star Sapphire from your discard pile. For only -2 MP, this effect enables consistent recursion of a Carol Ferris engine (or sets up explosive chains to recover and flood the board with Characters)!

Check back on Friday for another batch of spoilers from Green Lantern, and you can find additional spoilers here: