GL Previews: Holiday Sampler!

Check below to see more spoilers from Green Lantern – including a new Ultra Rare!

We’re only one month away from the December 22nd release of Green Lantern – but many previews still remain! Today’s suite of spoilers includes bonus inserts, alternate-art reprints from Justice League, a new Cross Rare (“XR”) card, and the set’s second and final Ultra Rare. You can find the previously revealed UR Green Lantern – Emerald Knight here.


These inserts show off some of the artwork found on Character cards in Green Lantern, and (aside from looking snazzy) they can be used for gameplay purposes like tracking MP.


You can expect C/UC reprints from time to time, allowing for new artwork to be paired with iconic effects. These cards also add depth to the draft format, and future sets (such as the upcoming Attack on Titan) will incorporate select reprints in order to ease the entry point for new players/fans of a specific universe.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Parallax – Hal Jordan provides another option for Sinestro Corps lineups, but this card also offers a generally useful effect for nearly any deck. Parallax is already difficult to KO with damage (as he has the maximum possible threshold required for TKO/HP KO) – and his effect makes this an even taller order! Popular card advantage Battle Cards (such as U92-JL and C38-JL) will face punishment when this card is in effect.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Superboy-Prime – Unstoppable is a triple-Stat rank 7 Character (with a backup rank 6 to boot). From there, his presence on the board shuts down “deck searching” effects of any kind! Though this is a symmetrical effect that requires you to avoid certain cards during deck construction, its disruptive impact cannot be understated. On top of that, Superboy Prime is also able to gain a new Trait each turn – allowing him to act as a bridge for hybridized and/or solo-stamped team builds!

That brings us to the end of today’s previews, but check back on Friday to see more from Green Lantern. However you spend the upcoming holiday, Panini Games wishes you a warm and happy week! Until next time, you can find additional spoilers here:


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