GL Previews: Beware Your Fears!

Today’s previews showcase the Sinestro Corps from Green Lantern – see the full scoop below!

Ring-bearers in the Sinestro Corps wield the power of fear, and their terrorizing effects in MetaX serve to reflect this aura of intimidation!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Though he only carries a maximum rank of 5, Scarecrow’s +4 MP is a vital cog for numerous Sinestro Corps builds. Beyond that, Scarecrow – Master of Fear can also act as a repeatable Power Corrupts on a body – though this does mandate that you include a high count of other Sinestro Corps Characters. This effect becomes especially threatening with:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

While Mongul – The Lesser works well with several Sinestro Corps themes, it is worth noting that his ability can be utilized in any general deck. Each time this card earns a VP, you’ll gain knowledge of the opponent’s future plans – as well as the potential for massive card advantage! Mongul’s 7 Strength grants further access to hand disruption, and his presence often forces your opponent to defend and KO him as quickly as possible.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Lyssa Drak – Bookkeeper starts off with a robust 5 INT/6 SP/+3 MP. From there, her “when played” ability has the potential to drain the opponent of 4 MP! This can be utilized offensively to deny a defender from paying the cost of a larger Battle Card, but it also causes a huge tempo swing to buy time against board clearing Events, game winning Team Attacks, and so on.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
There are multiple versions of Sinestro in this set, including more than one Sinestro Corps variant. Here, Sinestro – Master Tactician is a broader effect that competes with Characters like Ra’s Al Ghul and Darkseid – Uxas for slots as the “team leader” of Rank 5 builds. Regardless of which deck you include him in, Sinestro’s Stat/Rank distribution ensures a sturdy presence in the Battle Step. Despite requiring a significant investment in deck space, the payoff for this effect is surely one of the strongest in the entire game!

When Green Lantern releases on December 22nd, watch for other Sinestro Corps Characters like the Cross Rare (“XR”) Parallax – Hal Jordan. Sinestro Corps decks also have access to two stamped Events, “Beware Your Fears” and “In Blackest Night’ – the latter of which can place a random card from your opponent’s hand on top of their deck for just -3 MP!

Finally, Sinestro Corps Characters also have access to interactions with certain Battle Cards:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

This offensive effect Battle Card keeps things flowing for your Sinestro Corps Characters, protecting them from Events or effects like that of Firestorm – Nuclear Man!

Check back on Tuesday for more previews, including the Ultra Rare (“UR”) Superboy-Prime – Unstoppable! Until then, you can find additional spoilers here:


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