GL Previews: Hope Burns Bright!

“With strong hearts full, our souls ignite…” – see below for a rundown on Blue Lanterns!

We’re less than a month away from the December 22nd release of Green Lantern – and there are still two factions yet to be previewed! Today, let’s take a look at the Blue Lantern Corps.

Saint Walker – The First Blue Lantern has strong Stats and an above curve +3 MP, making him more than capable as an attacker/defender. However, he is also able to create tremendous advantages as a recurring engine – both drawing cards and gaining MP! Like most of the Blue Lanterns, his effect does require a large dose of Basic Battle Cards.

Any Battle Card without an effect is a Basic Battle Card. This definition will be included in the glossary of the next rulebook (v2.0). Note that in the Draft format, you may complete your deck with any amount of Basic Battle Cards with “S” (Starter Deck) rarity.

Warth is amongst the elite tier of Characters that generate +4 MP, and he enables all of your Blue/Green Lanterns to use any Basic Battle Card – making Rank 7 Battle Cards a threat from all angles! This effect combines well with other Green Lantern Trait splash effects (more on that below).

Kyle Rayner – Beacon of Hope creates an impressive amount of instant card advantage, though once again you are required to run a significant amount of Basic Battle Cards. Between Kyle’s natural 7 Special and the presence of Warth, this effect will often be used to find two Rank 7s!

For just -1 MP, Hope Burns Bright will search out any Blue Lantern or Green Lantern Character – though you must first have a Blue Lantern in play. This card is most likely to be used in a Blue Lantern based deck that might optionally “toolbox” in a few Green Lanterns, but it has huge potential in “rainbow” Lantern builds as well!

While Blue Lanterns do require a high count of Basic Battle Cards, you’ll still want to include some Battle Cards with strong effects. Here, the defensive effect of this 4 Special Battle Card allows you to send in two attackers while still maintaining the potential to have three defenders on your opponent’s turn. Creating extra blocks out of thin air can severely disrupt your opponent’s plans – try to bait out this scenario!

That’s the end of today’s previews, but keep in mind that other Blue Lantern Characters, Events, and Battle Cards (along with many more spoilers) can be seen at the links below. Check back on Friday for a look at the final faction – the Orange Lanterns!


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