Batman Deck Tech #6: Tempting Fate

See below for a Deck Tech involving Dr. Fate!

On the heels of a strong showing at Gen Con’s $2k constructed tournament, the increasingly popular 1 STR/INT continues to enable novel strategies. While its effect is able to clear out a troublesome opposing thorn (such as Constantine), you’ll often see this card played to loop one of the user’s own Characters. Today’s submission from Chris L. attempts to play Dr. Fate multiple times, and it quickly adds cards to the discard pile with Mikasa and Exhaustion. The discard pile interactions offer opportunities for overlapping synergy in this deck, which Chris calls…

“Darkness Makes the Heart Grow Fonder” 



Battle Cards:

Discard oriented decks based on Mikasa – Stoic have various paths, with this list taking a more combo-centric approach. Here, the discard/search effects are utilize to unlock powerful Events like The Darkness Grows and Research. While generating direct VP gain, this build also attempts to hold off the opponent by healing VPs with Dr. Fate. On top of that, the aforementioned 1 STR/INT, Cunning Plot, and Kitz all offer ways to use Dr. Fate numerous times in the same game!

This deck has the potential to thrive against slower control strategies, and there is a clear gameplan against midrange builds. However, fast attacking decks will be an uphill battle.

Other cards to consider:

  • more direct VP gain (Harley, Microscopic Victory, etc)
  • 2 Intelligence (C42-GL) can remove opposing Cunning Plot targets from the discard
  • Disgraced will never hit your own Characters and provides an answer to Hawk Girl
  • increased BC count – including 1 Strength (C32-GL) and increased draw emphasis (with the potential Rank and File subtheme)
  • Showdown can act as anti-aggro while pairing naturally with Fate/Rico

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