Four for Friday: MMCCC Soon!

The circuit series kicks off soon, followed by conventions in the summer – find out more below!

1. Calendar Roundup 

Next week’s Deck Tech will investigate another Top Cut list from the MXOLT III, and the beginning of May kicks off a new giveaway. The first tournaments for the upcoming circuit series are eligible to begin next month, with “Season 1” lasting from May to June. In July, Panini Games will have a presence at the San Diego Comic Con – and keep your eyes on the blog for information about Gen Con in August.

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Seen in a recent Deck Tech list, this flexible Event has had a steady rise in popularity since its release in the first set. The ability to add a second Character drop for the turn is welcome in almost any deck, but builds with low rank Battle Card lineups (or an emphasis on Team Attacking) can eke out extra mileage from this effect. While many decks have heavily stamped Events or run a small amount of Events, the additional upside of playing an Event from the opponent’s discard pile is undeniable (with common targets like Joke’s On You, Power Players, and so on). This card’s versatility is limited only by the strength of the opponent’s deck – and its relevance can be accelerated by mill effects.

3. MetaManiacs Championship Cup Circuit

The first season of the MMCCC is coming soon! Players can register for an ID here, while stores and tournament organizers can find kit details here. In May, watch for details about the first wave of events – including dates, locations, tournament coverage, and more!

4. Teen Titans Teasers – To Go!

Unsurprisingly, there are five H.I.V.E. Five Character cards in the next set – here are three of their effects:

  • Whenever you play an Event with an MP cost of 0, you may pay 2 MP to draw a card
  • Whenever this card pushes to attack, look at your opponent’s hand.
  • Whenever a Battle Card would be attached to this card, discard the top card of your deck. If it is an Event, [REDACTED]