Tuesday Deck Tech: Police Boardstate!

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The Military Police have a small Character lineup and only two other stamped cards, but their synergistic interactions allow for one of the most potent strategies in the game. In any Military Police build, maximizing Annie Leonheart’s effect is key – as seen in today’s MXOLT III runner up list from Mason K.:



Battle Cards:

Nile Dawk, Teleportation, Rebirth, and 1 STR/INT all allow for multiple activations of Annie (or Green Arrow in a pinch) – with Showdown setting the table for her effect. While clearing the opponent’s board, cards like 4 Special and Come and Take It generate more attacks than can be defended. This consistent stream of pressure is fueled by the aforementioned Nile Dawk, along with supplemental draw power from 3 Intelligence, Marlo, and other advantageous card advantage BCs. Other cards to consider:

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