Four for Friday: May Giveaway!

Close out the week with giveaway info, rulings FAQs, and more!

1. Mapping May 

Next Friday, we’ll be kicking off May with a new “win-a-box” giveaway. Check back on the 3rd for contest details, then head to the Panini Games Facebook page to participate. Also in May, the first wave of MMCCC events will begin taking place – see here for more details. Finally, watch for regular Tournament Kits to rotate to new promos next month (contact with any tournament support questions).

2. Card of the Week


When declaring an attack, you’ll usually need to consider your opponent’s potential to defend – as well as the aftermath of each possible outcome. This effect is one of the few in the game that can disrupt your opponent’s ability to block, and it comes on a Battle Card with a low MP cost and high Rank. This can be utilized to direct a defender away from a specific Character (such as a damaged Character that you don’t want KO’d, or a Character that benefits from gaining VPs), while ideally soaking up attacks into a larger Character (such as Eren Jaeger – Mysterious Titan). In general, this unique effect can put the opponent in a tricky situation – as evidenced by the ruling inquiry below!

3. FAQs

“If I play Power Corrupts on my Batman and attack with him using 6 Special (U95-AT), will attacks from my other Characters become unblockable?”

No. Since it is not possible to defend the Character targeted by Power Corrupts, the effect of 6 Special will not prevent your opponent from defending your other Characters.

“Can I choose to KO Solomon Grundy – Cyrus Gold with Green Arrow – Hand of Death’s effect?”

No. Green Arrow’s effect requires you to actually KO a Character, if possible. Note that if Green Arrow’s effect instead required each player to target a Character to KO it, you would then be able to target Solomon Grundy (and he would survive).

4. T^3

As more Multi-Stat Battle Cards release, it will become increasingly difficult to choose which version to use at each Rank! Here are three Multi-Stat effects from the next set:

  • a Character that rewards revealing Multi-Stat Battle Cards from your hand
  • an effect that searches for multiple Multi-Stat Battle Cards based on the types of Characters you control
  • a Rank 6 Multi-Stat Battle Card with a powerful effect if used by a Character with a maximum rank of 6